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Solar Eclipse Message Mother and Master Mary Magdalene from the Great Central Sun

During the unity meditation for peace and harmony and while anchoring the column of light from the Great Central Sun, Gaia became encompassed in her pink diamond of light. As I observed this occur within my merkaba, Mother Mary Magdalene appeared in the light of the Great Central Sun and put her hand on my heart. She indicated that she had a message to share with humanity.

“Behold beloveds the great potential of the August eclipse for unity, harmony and peace within the minds and hearts of humanity. These energies, these vibrations and emanations of the One creator, Mother/Father God are at a peak of intensity. Each member of humanity may embody these energies for the remainder of the month. In your many and various forms of meditation and finding stillness within, set your powerful intentions to the alignment of the mind with the One Mind. In this alignment, is the perfection and the stillness of the ego mind and an alignment and unity with the will of the One.”

“The falling into of the unity of the One with the heart in clear alignment with the One may then occur within you. In truth, you may feel this unity and experience this unity within your hearts as All hearts are connected as One. You are all, without one exception, One with the Unity, love and harmony of the One. Allow this to be and feel it in your hearts. Allow the truth to permeate all corners of your heart, allowing all distortions of truth….fear, suffering, loneliness, anger and despair to be transformed as you fill your hearts with Divine love and harmony. Allow my pink light of love that I gift to you to gently and completely fill all the corners of the heart. Allow this, beloved ones. Allow My love to fill your heart. When your heart is allowed to fill with the truth of who you are you will remember that this love and harmony within the heart is the substance of all, it is the essence of Unity.”

“Expand this love and Unity in your heart and feel the Unity with Mother/Father God, then the universe, the galaxies, your star system, your beloved planet, the elementals and to all upon your planet as well as to each of us that are One with you in spirit. You are unlimited in your Unity and cocreativity with all of humanity upon your planet. You are unlimited in your Unity with Us, with the One, as that is your true essence. You are One with all humanity. You are One heart, United and Cocreating together. You are in Unity with all sentient and nonsentient beings. Call on me beloved ones and remember the true essence of your hearts. There is No separation, only the illusion of duality, the illusion of separation. I reach my hand out to you, each and every one of you. Take my hand and place it upon your heart as we remember together the Unity and peace and love that We are. I bless you all beloved ones and I radiate my love to each of you unconditionally and eternally.”

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