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Sananda Speaks From the Great Central Sun - We Are One In Unity

My merkaba activated and I found myself within the Central Sun. Sananda stood before me and Mary Magdalene stood on his left and Divine Mother Mary on his right. Divine Mother Mary created a rainbow circle and I sat in front of Sananda. He smiled and nodded and began to speak, “My beloved angels, my winged ones, my brothers and sisters of humanity I greet you. The light, the love of the Divine shines brightly from the Great Central Sun. The light radiates to Alycone and then to Sol, your sun. The golden, platinum and purest of white light showers you with the radiance of the Golden Age. Many are serving to soften the rays so that you, my beloveds are more easily able to absorb the rays of transformation gently and softly at a gradual pace. Yet we are here at the magnanimous precipice of the emanations of Divine light that release the planet, my beloveds and angels from the erroneous concept of separation from the One Creator. We Are Indeed One.”

“I have walked with you. I have sat beside you, I have held your hands. I am not limited in any concept or in any manner conceived. We have walked together since the inception of this grand experience and my footsteps would cover the entire world as I have walked with you. Look to your left, your right, and to the front and back. Indeed you would see my footprint beside you as I have Always been with you. I have been holding the love, the truth and the joy of your mind and heart for you as we knew that you would remember and this moment would come when we reach the rapture together. We knew the moment would come when you would perceive, embody and emanate the one light of the One Creator that you truly are.”

“The theme I speak to you of is Unity, of the remembrance that I am you and you are me and we are One. The illusion of this experience is lifting and I call to you to take my hand and to take the hands of your angel brothers and sisters. Let us walk together now, in the Light of the One Creator’s love. Lift your minds and your hearts and lift your spirits out of the heavy weight of the world upon you. You are not asked to suffer, to hunger, to struggle or to be downtrodden. No. Everything that I have done, you may also do. Ponder this. This is your lightness of being that I bring to you. Let us join and create now the experience of the One Creator on your planet, in your world. It is time and it is in alignment with the One that you shall have what you desire to create. Join and unite beloved angels, join me now in the rapture of endless joy and endless possibilities, endless abundance. Hold your hearts and minds in the vibration of awe, of expectation, of knowing that peace shall reign. The Golden Era, the Golden Age is upon us, it is here, it is now, it is within you. We are One in Unity, we are one in eternal love.”

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