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Ashtar Speaks From His Starship of Light - As Above, So Below

My merkaba spun and Ashtar appeared before me. As always I greeted him with honor and he bowed his gentlemanly bow that is the characteristic greeting I have come to know him by. Accompanied by his loving energy, we arrived through the waiting area of his great starship of light. The waiting area is quite different than the Athena and again I noted inanimate nonhuman astral beings sitting while their higher selves experienced something or other on the starship. These appeared to be brown reptilian beings. There were many of them. I felt hopeful to see this as it indicated to me that perhaps many could be choosing the freedom and love of the light. We continued through what feels to me to be the iridescent plasma doorway that leads to higher dimensional aspects of the ship. He seemed to think us into a room and I sent the indication to him via my consciousness that I was ready to receive what he wanted to convey.

“Sol, your Sun is increasing in its electromagnetic emanations of the divine and cosmic rays. The vibratory field that is available to humanity is increasing exponentially. Abilities never imagined by humanity will become possible such as telepathy and other inherent abilities. Latent abilities will increase as these electromagnetic waves amplify the DNA vibratory rate and allow those that desire to, to access the multidimensional levels inherent within the DNA. The mind control grid that has served as a control mechanism upon those of humanity is being disabled and on a higher dimensional level this is perceived as the shifting of the 3D matrix that has allowed those that have controlled and interfered with the DNA structure of humanity to live off the creative energy and emotions of humanity to retain control.”

“It is time in the No Time to reclaim your sovereign beings. To allow yourselves the freedom, unity and remembrance of the powerful immense creator beings that is within the multidimensional capacity of each facet of the One, of each of humanity upon your planet. The energies that are gifted from Sol, that emanate from Source itself now allow each of you the expansion that was difficult for the masses previously as the mind control grid and 3D grid were securely in position as to block the inherent potential of humanity. The 8:8 portal that is slowly opening will serve to move our grounded ones in service to higher levels of connection to their sovereign power and freedom than has been previously thought possible. Consciously accepting the energies that are building within your solar system can greatly ease any physical resistance or discomfort. The diamond matrix and the diamond crystalline light can be consciously accepted into the physical body.”

“Perceive the three dimensional diamond of white light above your crown chakra. You may begin at the 12th chakra if you have the awareness of this. As the white diamond of light spins above the higher chakras, consciously invite this higher vibratory light to enter the crown and fill the entire physical body from head to toe and down through the Earth chakra that grounds you to your planet with a flow of tiny diamonds of sparking love light. Fill every muscle, bone and cell with this diamond light. As this diamond filled light passes through you, know that your DNA is expanding to it’s new potential in that it is Now possible to perceive the pattern of divine design in that each of you are multidimensional lightbodies incarnate within a physical body. Imagine and Feel your DNA filled with the diamond crystalline light and then move this light through your Earth Stars and into the core of your planet Gaia and her own core crystal. As above, so below. It is joyous progress in this experience of linear time my brothers and sisters of the light. We as the brotherhood and sisterhood of the light join with you and invite you to our starship of light. We are honored and have deep gratitude to be able to work together with you in Unity and Love. It is a joyous expansion and we share that joy with you. As above, so below brothers and sisters.”

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