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Great Goddess Isis Speaks from the Athena Starship Open your High Heart

My merkaba in my mind activated and my consciousness shifted to the Athena starship, the Arcturian/Pleieadian lightship in the 5th dimension. Archangel Michael and Sananda appeared and I followed them. We entered through the visitor’s entrance and walked through the iridescent plasma wall or gateway into the lightship. As I moved through this gateway I took on my Seraphim aspect. I have learned after many journeys that the astral body is left behind to experience higher dimensional realities. They led me to a doorway to the right and we walked through into a room. Upon entering the room we were greeted by the presence of the Great Goddess Isis. She appeared in her glowing white lightbody, with large white wings and the sun disc above her head. “I

am honored to see you again,” I spoke to her. She nodded and bowed slightly. A hologram of Gaia appeared above us and She was surrounded in a pink aura. I looked back at Isis and she began to speak. “Within your hearts is the High Heart. It resides slightly above the physical heart in your physical bodies yet it is not of the body. It is pinkish in color and this color symbolizes the love that it is composed of. It is the love of Mother/Father God within you all. The spiritual heart is not of the body, it is not of the physical.” As I gazed at her as she spoke, she transformed into a blue humanoid bird with yellow eyes. Then she quickly shifted back into her luminous white lightbody.

“We have brought humanity light and knowledge before, we taught this in Egypt. Focus now on the threefold flame within your high heart. There are three flames within your heart that intermingle. The yellow flame is the Father, the blue flame is the Mother and the pink flame is you. All are in an inextricable dance together eternally. Imagine these flames within your high heart and then expand your pink flame into a large pink circle of light that expands outward…a warm and loving ball of pink. Now imagine Gaia the Mother as the immense being that she is in front of you. Whatever image that comes to mind is correct for you. She calls to you from her High Heart, Mother to child. Feel her love for you as she makes a nurturing nest for you in her arms of soft pink feathers or soft pink leaves, whichever you prefer. Curl up within this nest in Her arms and feel the safety of Her love. She pulls you in close to Her High Heart and as She does, breathe deeply and rest peacefully in Her arms and in her heart. She asks you to remember Who You Are.

Who is it that you follow? Who has your truth? Your love? Who has your immense creative power? You, yes You. It is all within You. True creation is of a balanced mind and heart, a balance of the divine masculine and feminine. In this divine balance, there is inspiration for the creation of beauty, the inspiration for experience that is manifested through the intention of the benefit for all. To create, in the arms of the Great Mother Gaia, join your heart with Hers. Imagine a place upon Gaia that requires some assistance, a particular place, a particular species. And imagine yourself in front of this place or species that requires assistance at this time. Sit or stand from head to foot in your sacred soul fire, your threefold flame and within your pink orb of light within Gaia’s pink orb of light and love. Can you feel the power within you? Imagine now, create now, with all your immense love, awe and wonder the beauty and perfection of this place or species. Imagine it as perfectly as it is, not as it is shown to you in another’s reality. If you accept things as they are in another’s reality that is presented to you, then you agree to create that reality, that creation. Instead, see it with you heart of immense love as healthy, abundant and prosperous. See and feel this place or species in perfect balance. Feel and see it with all your heart so that you Know it to be true. This is creation, this is the healing of yourselves, the healing of Gaia. You all have the power and the heart consciousness to create a new world. Gather together in the power of combined consciousness and create in great love from the fire of your souls. Blessed is Gaia and blessed are You, dear humanity. And so it is. I am Isis An-Ra.”

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