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Emier-Ra the Angelic Blue Avian Speaks from the Great Central Sun -- Bring the Darkness into Illumin

My merkaba spun and my consciousness shifted. I found myself outside the Great Central Sun before Emier-Ra. Emier-Ra is a multidimensional aspect of myself and she has been with me throughout this present incarnation and has been one of my greatest teachers and perhaps the most difficult. She has been the proverbial sand in my oyster that has challenged me in various trying ways to become the pearl, all that I am and can be. As I observed her and noted the similarity between she and the great Goddess Isis, I asked her, “Are you Blue Avian?” She replied, “Yes I am what is thought of as this. Although many of us had incarnations on what you would think of as the Dog Star Sirius, we evolved out of the lower dimensional experiences quite rapidly as did the Arcturians. Our particular race and lineage is quite pure as there were no genetic alterations due to our rapid evolution i

nto the higher realms of consciousness. We assist those planets as do the Arcturians in their shift to the higher levels of consciousness. As the Pleiadians and Arcturians have a tie to Gaia, we do as well and our evolution into the higher realms is entwined with Gaia’s. We continue to evolve, learn and grow as well although we do not need a form to do so. As I have mentioned previously, the ascension of a planet is a momentous occasion and many are called to work as One on the various aspects of the larger plan. We soften the intense energies of the Great Central Sun as these energies pass through the portal of your Sun, showering you all with high vibrational energies that prepare the planet and people to shift. This can be unpleasant for some as you are all aware that these rays of higher light and love are not embraced by all and those that are still unawake experience tumultuous vibrations within themselves as the light of the One illuminates all shadows within the self. Those that are awake and are not projecting their shadows onto others but own and love and transform their own shadows will experience less feelings of instability and emotions that may feel overwhelming and out of control.”

“So much of humanity desires to see what is outside of them, what is mirrored back to them by the outer world as separate and outside of themselves. There is the awareness in the higher realms that what we speak of at times seems repetitious yet when beings are dwelling in illusion there is the need to convey reminders until the Truth is embodied as the actual Truth within the self. Concepts must be actualized rather than held in the conceptualization of the mind. There are those that view the great shift as a fight between light and dark. I will note once again that in reality there exists no outer enemy, there is only the fight within the Self. Once all the aspects of one’s own darkness is brought out into the light of illumination, one can forgive the Self of dis-ease and discomfort that the beliefs of separation from the One has caused within. All must be transformed that is Not of the One light that is only within. First and foremost this is the only work, the only action that is of true importance. It is the transformation of the negativity, mistrust and lack of alignment with the will of the One that causes all pain and suffering within. When the darkness within the Self comes to light and one finds the inner courage and fortitude to face oneself in the light, the illusion of darkness disappears and is no longer mirrored back by the outer world. Mastery is the mastery of the Self and the self only. In this mastery of the mind and the resultant falling into the heart then one becomes aligned with one’s true, free higher self. This is the aspect always in alignment with the One Creator Source. This is the work of each upon this ascending planet. As one transforms, one becomes a higher vibrational light for all others and for your planet and for all in this galaxy as we move along the spiral together. All is One and all is affected by one’s own cleansing of the shadow self. Each unique facet of light upon our experience on the golden spiral is just as important as another. You are not the small, insignificant human you presume yourselves to be. You are all multifaceted diamonds of light, loved and cherished aspects of the One.”

As I took in the telepathic download, a thought came to mind and she answered. My question was if she was connected to Isis and Amun-Ra whom I been reacquainted with on my journeys. She replied, “ Yes, as the genetic line of Ra, we evolved many millennia ago as you would define in time and space. We did have a presence in Egypt with the intention to bring the knowledge of the One to humanity. As other races interacted in later periods, the teachings were misaligned to disempower and alter the multidimensional DNA of humanity. Some of this knowledge was hidden by the aspects of our lineage that took physical form many times upon beloved Gaia and in an effort to preserve the teachings in mystery schools that they may one day be released for the masses again. Some of the knowledge we brought was misused by those that reside in the “power over others” yet this knowledge is within those that have multidimensional aspects of the lineage of Ra and will in time be recalled within their own consciousness. We are One, we are all aspects of the One and in that state of mastery is the freedom, and cocreation in love and unity for the One. This I give you today. I am Emier-Ra.”

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