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Ashtar Speaks-Higher Dimensional Landings and Disclosure

My merkaba activated and I found myself aboard what appeared to be small lightship. I had merged with my Pleiadian self Astaria to receive a message from Ashtar. As I looked at my surroundings as to ascertain where I was, Ashtar leaned down to greet me and looked at me as I sat in some sort of chair in a circle with about 20 other beings. “Commander Astaria,” he spoke as he leaned down to kiss my hand. He was wearing a white uniform and was radiant in light as always. I noticed a pulsing, glowing orb in the center of this ship and asked if that was the power source of the ship we were on. “This ship is powered by the One Mind,” he replied. “In the higher dimensional realms, ships of light are powered by what you might call the heart and mind energy as One with the One Heart and Mind.” In my higher state of consciousness his reply made complete sense. “In what dimension are we now?” I asked. “We are now in the upper 6th dimension.” He replied.

I thought myself outside of the ship to view it and saw that we were in an orb of white light. Now that I felt oriented I asked him to continue with that which he wanted to convey.

“I will speak of the higher dimensional landings. In these landings we could say there is a form of disclosure. There are many aspects to this of which I speak of yet my talk of this will be simplified as to resonate with 3rd dimensional minds. It has been decreed by the One Creator that Gaia and humanity move toward freedom and unity with the One. In this endeavor the starships of higher dimensional light will be landing. In the term “landing” I will specify that those resonating to the higher 4th and the crux of the 5th dimensional threshold will have perceptions of us. We are aspects of your higher selves and representatives of the One Light. Some will experience landings in their dreams and others will perceive us as is appropriate for that individual. As many are aware, we present in the clouds, above your homes; some may Feel us and others may See us. We may be orbs of light and we may resemble a great flying bird. We have no limit as to how we can present ourselves. The purpose of these higher dimensional landings is to prepare our ground crew for larger disclosures regarding their star families. There will be those of humanity that will have mass sightings and in these appearances we will allow video and pictures as to remind those that would keep Gaia in darkness that the great shift in consciousness and the transformation has been decreed by the One and that the momentum builds regardless of their small agendas that would thwart it.”

“The Angelics join us in the higher dimensions in this endeavor to remind humanity that they are creators and to be mindful of that which they desire to create. Some of these angelic manifestations may be perceived as the end of the world yet this is far, far from the reality and eternal truth. It is the end of the old energies and this is the new beginning that evolves from the chaos that is seemingly real yet it is a created illusion fed by the mass consciousness creating fear. Amidst this chaos we ask you our ground crew to remember your growth you have worked towards and your training before you arrived here. Hold the Light, the energies of peace and forgiveness and the mercy of the Great Mother.”

“Revelations will become public knowledge as we work with those in power and the “power over” beings. We have indeed shown many that the great shift into love and unity has been decreed by the One . In this “reconditioning”, some have chosen the Light and know that they are protected by the One and will disclose many truths to the masses that will cause trauma, grief and anger within humanity. These timely disclosures will have a snowball effect as one truth will trigger another to be disclosed including the existence of your galactic counterparts.There are many factors at play in the larger cosmic plan with many variables that we are indeed prepared for. Those resonating to the higher frequencies, our ground crew, you our beloved earth team are being triggered to awaken to your true immense power, beauty and light as we ask you to work with us as One and to remain in the higher frequencies for those of humanity that cannot yet perceive us or connect with us. We have many lightworkers in the upper facets of government that will encourage and foster further disclosure of the suppressing of the consciousness of humanity and the various facets and actions that those that choose darkness have put upon humanity. With great change and transformation is the pain of growing and expanding which humanity will be challenged to embrace. We applaud our ground crew of the starships of light, Ashtar Command and the galactic and angelic volunteers that have opened to grounding the new, sovereign energies upon Earth. We now work as One and land within your current perception of dimensional reality. I am Ashtar and I am honored to serve with you one and all.”

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