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The Golden Ones Speak from the 5th Dimension - Expand your Heart to Fill the World

My merkaba spun in my mind and I found myself on the threshold of the 5th dimension. Surrounding me in a circle were golden beings that glittered as if they were filled with diamonds. They surrounded me within the circle with a pink light of love. I stretched out my arms and bathed in the love. They spoke, “We are the 8th dimensional Golden Ones., threshold keepers of New Earth and representatives of the Divine Mother. We see you all in your dance with the 5th dimensional threshold as you all move from the illusion of duality into the moments of No Time in the higher densities. Some of you dance with the edge of the 5th density and some of you dance with the other dimensional realities as well. These moments of No Time are when you allow yourselves to slip into the doorway and experience a momentary sacred space within your hearts. In these moments we speak of as you approach the threshold there is that deep sense of inner peace, knowingness within that all is perfect. In these moments you are moving out of the old matrix and into the vibration of our pink magenta love. We watch you all increasingly connect and vibrate with the threshold of the 5th dimension where we lovingly wait to guide you over. We don not perceive you as physical in the flesh of the body but as light, color and sound. Each of you are high vibratory multidimensional beings with your own unique soul signatures. You each have unique rays and the unique song of your soul.

This is the glorious nature of your true essence although you assume a physical form in service in this current timeline of great transformation and change. Fill your hearts with the pink magenta light of divine love. Expand this love outward exponentially to fill your town, your country and your world with the love of your enormous hearts. Observe and encompass with love, pink magenta love all obstacles within the heart that arise as you expand your high heart. We join with you as you all allow the pink magenta light of your high heart to cleanse and purify all that has been accumulated from your incarnations on this planet. All that will be taken with you as you cross the golden bridge will be the sacred flames of the ATMA, the dance of the sacred flames within your high heart, the threefold union of Mother and Father Creator and your own divine soul. Your golden merkaba of consciousness that contains all of your experiences in the One and your high heart triflame merge to become your body of light that you are and always have been but have often forgotten in this lower dimensional experience. Many of you remember your true state of being and many more will.

As you move gently and assuredly into the golden Christed state, you move your consciousness and your high heart towards us in the 5th dimension where we hold you in our eternal love and our pink magenta unconditional love. As you lovingly allow the falling away of all that is no longer relevant to your higher vibrational experience and the lower expression of the self upon Gaia, all is changed and transformed without. You feel and experience in your outer world your new creations. You find true union with those that transform with you and hold that loving space for you to grow as you hold it for them. You experience and nurture your divine birthed self and a deeper connection with the true reality. As you dance with the threshold of New Earth you touch your true nature and we remind you that you are divinely loved and embraced within the love of the Divine Mother. You always were. We meet you here and surround you all in the perfection of the pink magenta light of eternal love. We reach our golden arms out to you and call you all Home.

As a side note, I have had many questions as to whether I am channeling. To answer this question I had to look up the definition which is-“the practice of professedly entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide.” When I was quite young I recall reading a book on channeling and sat down to have some fun. I found it was quite easy and a being that sounded quite wise did speak to me. I did not see the benefit at that time in pursuing that so I did not.

In 2012, during my mediations with my guides I experienced a series of activations. I was told this was a download and I quite enjoyed it. Triangles of colored light entered my crown chakra and third eye. These then began to form a three dimensional star within my mind. I later found out this is called a star tetrahedron. As these activations intensified, the start tetrahedron began to spin within my mind which is called a merkaba. The final culmination of the activations was that I was taken through included a column of light entering my crown chakra and shooting through me at tremendous speed down into Gaia and back up to my heart chakra where another merkaba was activated and I was released from my physical body and became light body. This was shown to me. After this final activation I found that my merkaba activated when I was to shift my consciousness to various dimensions where I could travel to meet and experience the messages that I was asked to bring back. I see the lightbeings that I speak telepathically to and I have a complete experience of this. Many times I am accompanied by multidimensional aspects of myself on my journeys and others I am guided by them as to shift my consciousness where it is meant to be at that time. The thought of a place while in my merkaba instantly brings me there. This was a great adjustment for me and initially I did not sleep much as I had to adjust to the vibrational intensity of the higher dimensions. After my travels I would vibrate and tingle all over and the time/space adjustment took time as well. I felt like I didn’t quite a foot here or there as in reality there is no time or space and returning to this dimension was initially difficult to ground myself back in a dimension with time. It would seem my journey was a half hour long and in this time frame I would be traveling for two hours. It is much easier now and I can move between with relative ease.

So am I channeling? I will let you decide what is the best belief for you. From my perspective, We are going quantum (multidimensional) and at an incredible speed. Everyone is composed of the same merkaba’s as myself and each has the capability to connect with their higher dimensional selves. So am I hearing some disembodied voice and trusting that it is speaking the truth to me? No, I am having a quantum experience. One of the most significant purposes of the messages that I share is to trigger the remembrance within each being that you are me and I am you. I am nobody’s guru nor did I agree to be one nor would I ever desire to be so. I bring back messages of love and inspiration as that is the true nature of reality. But that is not the entire goal and perhaps it is the lesser one. The joy in my mission upon Gaia is that you perhaps within you, you awaken and remember that you too are a multidimensional, limitless being of unending potential. You are a Creator. Think huge, there are no limits as to what you can do or what you are. Fly! In love and light…

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