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Emier-Ra the Angelic Blue Avian Speaks From the Great Central Sun

My Merkaba activated and I found myself facing the Great Central Sun. Ahead of me, in front of the Great Central Sun was a being of white light with wings and a headdress that had the sun disc adornment. She felt familiar to me as I felt her energy. She wore a loose dress of white light that was secured in the front with a knot. “I am Emeir-Ra”, she said. “Ra?” I asked. “Yes I am a blue avian of the angelic order of the upper 6th octave”, she replied, answering the question that I was thinking. I do not hear a voice that is distinct from mine in my mind when I am speaking to higher beings yet I am aware when I have a question directly of them and when I have thought something. I have come to associate the name Ra with the lineage of Ra and the blue avians. “Upper 6th octave?” I asked her. “Yes,” she replied. “Each dimension has what you could envision as steps to the next octave as each dimension has many octaves within it. We are all experiencing in the various dimensions.”

My attention turned to the Great Central Sun behind her. I observed the Seraphim that composed the Great Central Sun and wondered to myself if the Higher Self, the aspect that is One with Source dwelled within the Great Central Sun. in response to this thought she said, “The Great Central Sun is of Source energy and the Higher Self is one with Source. The Seraphim aspect that yourself and many others have compose the Great Central Sun and give it form. As the Seraph compose the Great Central Sun, they are always in direct connection with Source yet may have various other aspects experiencing within dimensions as well.”

“Would the Great Central Sun be 12th dimensional?” I asked her. “Within it, yes, and beyond that to the other dimensions,” she replied. “Source, the Great Mother and Father, hold the universe within it and in a dimensional construct. The Great Central Sun may be seen as this. On a higher dimensional level than that experienced on Gaia currently, Gaia moves ever closer to Source, to the Great Central Sun in anticipation of the transition. The light and Love that that is Mother/Father god has the effect of amplifying and this could be thought of as a great tsunami building with great force in preparation to shower Gaia and those of humanity that have chosen to transform and return to the True Self. All of creation is in motion and is in some vibratory state or another. If you will view yourself for a moment, I will expand on this.”

I turned my attention inward to examine my form. I felt myself as a star of light within a large diamond within a square (“Metatron’s Square”, she clarified), within a torus field of energy in motion. “Yes,” she replied. “All matter in it’s vibratory state has a pattern, the building blocks that compose it. Observe Gaia now.” I turned from the Great Central Sun And looked at Gaia which was within my view as I thought of her. As I looked at the blue and green orb, patterns of light around Gaia came into view. She was encompassed in a huge golden star, her own Merkaba, and outside of that was a huge diamond of light and outside of that was a huge cube and on the outside of that was an enormous torus field in motion. It was breathtaking to see. Within these geometric patterns were rainbow colors of dancing and pulsating light. “The colors that you see are those of Gaia herself as well as the awakened and awakening ones as all of humanity and Gaia are one. This colored light is also the photonic plasma light sent from the great galactic starships of light as well as the Angelics and others. Look around your star system.” As I looked around I also saw huge orbs of light that seemed to be gathering and dispersing lightning bolts of energy. “This is our gift to Gaia and to humanity. We are softening the wave of immense light and love that showers you with increasing intensity. We serve with great love as do you all, the wave of love incarnate upon Gaia. There is nothing to fear. There is only the truth of one’s heart. There is nothing to Be, nothing to Do. Those that have chosen in accordance with their Higher Self will move out of this experience of the 3rd dimension and return to their true divine selves. There is no division of the good or bad, light or dark. Each chooses their path, their unique experience in the one. In your hearts, you know if you have chosen the New Earth experience of freedom, unity and joy. Those that have not chosen this path are of the one as well. Send them your love and allow them their own path. It simply is as it is. Send love to the darkness, but first and foremost within the self. As the light and love intensify, all is illuminated. All, first and foremost, Within must be observed and loved. You then free yourselves and you forgive yourselves of the darkness and pain within. The darkness you perceive without is of no consequence and then no longer does it draw your focus or attention. All unresolved negativity, judgment, hatred, vengeance becomes directed outward if it is not resolved within. As you love and embrace yourselves, you are transformed. All that is required is to follow your own path of joy, the truth of your heart.

In that there is nothing to Be or nothing to Do, does not imply that one should not be wise and take care of the self. It is wise to ground oneself and to honor the body vehicle. In being true to the heart, this is as variable as the stars and planets as it is for you all. One’s joy and one’s path is not another’s. One may feel well and joyful as a vegan whereas another may not. One may enjoy guided meditations, one may love to meditate in stillness and silence and one may walk in nature as theirs. In judging another or the self, there are creations of more limiting beliefs as there are individual perfect paths to the transformation. Does a carrot not feel it’s impending end when it is ripped by it’s roots from it’s home? How one connects to the Higher Self and to the Divine is again perfect. There is no right way, no wrong way. We are millions that serve to support you all in the higher dimensions. And you are now connecting with your soul groups. Unite together upon Gaia as we have united and enjoy this wondrous transition. Support each other’s growth and expansion and transformation. Unite, allow the remembrance of who you are, remember each other and the love we All share. Remember that you are free, you are love, you are light, We are Source.”

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