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Sananda Speaks to the Golden Ones and Humanity from the Great Central Sun

My Merkaba spun and my consciousness shifted to the Great Central Sun. As I entered the Great Central Sun, I found myself within a huge circle of Golden Lightbeings. I felt myself as a vibration, as pure energy. As I peered out of what felt like tiny eyes I knew that I was One with the huge multilayered circle of Golden oval shaped beings that seemed to be filled with tiny radiant clear diamonds that reflected shards of light in all directions. My attention then turned to Sananda who was in the middle of our immense circle. He spoke to us. “We are blessed and in much gratitude that the Golden Ones of our 8th dimension have answered the call to service from the Great Mother.” Divine Mother Mary then appeared to Sananda’s left and Mary Magdalena appeared on his right. As the joined us, they lifted their arms in greeting as if to embrace us. As they did this, rainbow colors seemed to emanate from their hands and the continuous rainbow encircled us and expanded us until we were all in a huge rainbow orb of light. Sananda began to speak again, “As representatives of the feminine, of the Great Mother’s love, we honor your service upon Gaia at this time as Gaia herself as well as humanity has called for the transition from duality into Oneness. Gaia and humanity has desired to transition out of the experience of separation from the One. We are honored that you will stand on the threshold of New Earth, anchoring the loving vibration of the Mother and calling to those that near the threshold of New Earth. We also honor your beloved incarnate aspects upon Gaia that assist from the illusion of separation. As you work in unison, your incarnate aspects moving into the 5th dimensional vibration diligently prepare their hearts to return to the beauty and tranquility of Oneness. As your incarnate counterparts expand their vibration, they assist all of humanity to expand in vibration as we are all One. They move all of humanity to the threshold where you will assist them. You, dear Golden Ones, have offered your service to utilize the vibration of love as the catcher’s mitt as those upon Gaia approach the golden bridge.”

“The golden bridge is often called the rainbow bridge upon Gaia. As beings upon Gaia cross the golden bridge within their hearts, they will shine brightly with their own unique rays and facets that are inherent in their own divine blueprint. Your beloved counterparts upon Gaia may now connect with you as may all of humanity as they open the golden bridge within their own hearts. Humanity is moving away from the trap of sensory overload that has conditioned them to direct the senses outward rather than inward. Your incarnated counterparts are knowing that it is only inward, only by going within themselves and by choosing what they will delight their senses with that they will create the New World and the delectable vibration of unconditional love and unity. Our human angels, galactics, my brothers and sisters are turning their senses to what they know is freedom. They now choose the sounds of Gaia, the birds singing, the voices of their children and loved ones. They are viewing the wondrous aspects of nature and feeling their divine connection. They are enjoying the fruits of the earth and the taste of the pure water and plants. They are choosing to leave the distractions of illusion and control that has beset humanity in order to become the masters of creation and vibration that they are now remembering they are. They are now remembering that the experience of duality is just that, an experience that is no longer needed as we transition into the new and the taste of freedom and joy is palpable for them. The threshold, Golden Ones has been long prepared as has your incarnated counterparts. Humanity awaits you as you take your post at the threshold of the new and eagerly wait with your loving embrace of golden light and love to assist every cherished and divine aspect of the One to return to their true essence. We are One and will await humanity at the threshold of their hearts as they cross their own golden bridge within and return Home to themselves and the joyful embrace of the Great Mother and Father that has always been within them. We await our brothers and sisters of humanity and delight at their return to Us, their loving family. We joyfully reach out and ask for their embrace and prepare their rightful place in eternal Oneness from whence they came. Golden Ones and our human family, we love and cherish you. All is well and all is in perfect divine order.”

As a postscript to this message, I would like to add some additional information regarding my connection with the Golden Ones. While assisting with Sue Lie’s most recent leadership group, I had a brief interaction with Sue and the Arcturians. They asked me to receive my own message. I intuited that they wanted me to know more about who I was. I then felt myself surrounded by beings of this golden light that sent a beautiful vibration of love that filled me and was truly wonderful. It was then that I met the guardians of the threshold of the 5th dimension and was told that I was a threshold keeper. I was not aware until this journey that I had an aspect of my multidimensional self that was a Golden One. Much gratitude and love to Sue for being the catalyst to incorporate another aspect of myself. We are so much more than we know or have dared to imagine.

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