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We, the Arcturians, from the Athena Starship. Live From The Heart

My merkaba activated and I found myself just outside the Athena. I stopped to gaze upon Gaia as this has become my favorite sight before I enter the starship. She was surrounded by a beautiful pink light. The aurora borealis colors flickered and danced around her intermingling and extending outside of this pink light. I wondered to myself if I was viewing 3rd dimensional Gaia or 5th dimensional Gaia as in my previous journey I remembered the pastel colored lights in the sky on 5th dimensional Gaia. In response to my thought, my Arcturian aspect appeared next to me. He took my hand in his hand of light and I felt tingles of love run up my arm and into my heart. He said, “What you are looking

at is Gaia in the Now of your experience. For some Time, as you would perceive Time, Gaia has been moving into and cleansing her Heart. In fact, this is what all our grounded ones have been doing for some time as you are One with Gaia and perhaps you have not thought of this but there is the same experience with Gaia as with our grounded ones. Our grounded, incarnated volunteers have also been moving into and cleansing the Heart. To move into this heart space and to live from the Heart is what has been in progress for our beloveds for quite some of your Time. We are cheering you on and always encouraging you to live from the Heart. From some of our grounded ones we hear, What is the next step? Yet we will define what is encompassed when We ask you to live from the heart. We will expand on that.

The Heart is the gateway to the higher chakras where you may connect once again with the higher realms and your higher selves on the starship and beyond. As you expand and live from the Heart, the chakras, your energy centers become accessible to the 15th chakra and also to the expansion to 32 strands of multidimensional DNA. As you clear all the lower density fears, pain and suffering from your Hearts you will come to know that the Heart has it’s own consciousness, it’s own Mind. To live from the Heart is mastery itself. Fall into your heart beloved ones right now. Fall out of the mind of illusion and falsehoods and fall into your Hearts. The heart has it’s own vibration and it’s own voice. What do you feel in your own heart? Feel and listen to the heart’s voice. What in your heart is longing to be heard? To be loved? To be transmuted? Is there only peace, love and harmony in your heart?

It Is possible to live entirely from the Heart, in your true authenticity of feeling, love and forgiveness of the Self and Others. This is what has been asked of you, our beloved experts that agreed to be the wayshowers of love and light fully living in the Heart upon Gaia. In the simplicity of this state of being is the very gateway that opens to the higher realms and higher selves that wait in infinite love and patience in No Time for your connection with them. We will say to you (meaning myself) as to your question of the importance or We may say Purpose of bringing back our messages, We now say that it is the Now that our grounded volunteers awaken. Those that are inspired or even interested in receiving our messages are members of our Starships of higher dimensional Light. We, the Arcturians and We as a galactic family desire to connect to our grounded ones from each Starship of Light…the Arcturian/Pleiadian ship, the Sirian ship, the Andromedan ship, and Ashtar’s ship. We, as in our galactic family as One, await our connection with our grounded ones, incarnated in the physical that they Now remember their higher selves on their ships. We Now appear to you in our higher dimensional forms and our starships. We are You. We land in your dreams in the astral, we are above your homes, in your clouds and we appear in any form that is appropriate for your awakening and remembering. If We still have your attention beloved ones, We invite you Home to your Heart, to your Starship and to your higher dimensional self. As the Divine Light of the One expands your perception of reality, you receive the downloads and upgrades that assist in this great expansion of Who you Are. We ask that you remain grounded to Gaia as you receive the light, as this will be most helpful to you, live from the consciousness of your Hearts so that you may embody the blueprint and be the model for those that still slumber upon your planet in their limited perception of reality. We are One with you, beloveds, and We are no further away than your Hearts.

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