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Gaia’s Angelic Self Speaks From The Athena Starship

My merkaba spun and I found myself looking down upon Gaia from outside the Athena starship, the Arcturian/Pleiadian 5th dimensional starship. As I looked down at her, I observed that she was pulsing with various colors that resembled the Aurora Borealis. The entire planet was pulsating beautiful, ethereal colors like a huge cosmic lightshow.

I entered the Athena via the waiting area as I often do and took the form of my seraphim multidimensional self. I learned some time back that when one enters the starship, one leaves the astral body behind in the waiting area and assumes a higher dimensional self for higher learning aboard the starship. I surmised some time back that that reason is likely why many do not remember their visits here. I have observed many people that I know sitting inanimate in their astral bodies in the waiting area. Since the people I have mentioned this to do not recall this, it seems that they must be coming in their astral dreamstate. This is just my feeling on this and I have not directly been told that.

As my seraphim self, I passed through the plasma entryway and glided down the hallway past several blue bird beings that also appeared to have golden angel outlines of light around them. It appeared as if I could see this multidimensional aspect of them. We nodded to each other and I entered a large meeting room filled with galactic higher selves, ascended masters and angelics. Angelics stood in the back and wings extended to touch each other wing to wing sending a palpable vibration of love throughout the room. The room was filled with a wonderful vibration of shared joy and love.

A huge, golden angelic being appeared in the middle of the room and then seemed to shrink down to our size. As I watched, I observed that it was the great Goddess Gaia with her hair flowing, eyes as deep and calm as the depths of the oceans. She adorned huge golden wings. It was clear she was joining us as her angelic aspect. “My brothers and sisters,” she spoke, “galactic family and beloved friends. We have entered the timeline in which there will be no reset for humanity. We will continue along the golden path and reclaim our ascended status. No longer will we dwell in the 3rd and 4th realms of separation from the One Creator. We now move into the new golden era. We rejoin the One Creator as we move on our path toward the Great Central Sun to be bathed in the glorious light of the Divine, embodying our true selves once again. I embrace the resuming of harmony and unity upon my body. The deep waters of my oceans, my elementals, flora, fauna and animals rejoice as we once again unite as one family and resume our sovereign state of joy and freedom as well as deep abiding respect for one another. My beloveds, I speak to you of my gratitude to the explorer souls, the warriors of light and love incarnate upon me in service to the multiple and diversified aspects of me. Your expertise was greatly needed and as you have bravely awakened your hearts and minds and served your missions selflessly upon me you have moved us into the timeline that was long awaited. You have served bravely as you have and are releasing all that has been put upon and conditioned in you for many lifetimes. These false lies and beliefs fall away and you all return to grace and oneness. You, the galactic, angelic incarnated experts have become the catalyst for my own being, my own aspects to release all that has been put upon me and every sentient being that resides upon me. Let us join our hearts of joy as we move into the realms of rapture and peace. Each one of you has become a step to the stairway that leads to the threshold of our new world. Let us walk through that threshold hand in hand, our hearts as one.” With that, Gaia bowed deeply in all four directions, north, south east and west and she disappeared.

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