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The 9th Dimensional Arcturians Speak From Arcturus On Gaia’s Energies

My merkaba spun and my consciousness shifted to the Athena starship. I found myself entering the starship through the boarding area. I saw my Pleiadian self, Astaria at the doorway and I followed her down the corridor into what seems to me to be the control center. We glided by various higher dimensional beings focused on their tasks and stopped at the far corner of the room. A large panel of what looks likes glass surrounds the control room. We peered into the glass and an image began to form. I recognized it as the planet Arcturus. As we are not separate, I heard her think, “Arcturus”. With that, she grabbed my hand and we seemed to have walked through a portal and were standing on the red planet that has become somewhat familiar to me as I have observed it several times and traveled there before in my merkaba. We were standing on a clear crystal walkway and as I looked around I noticed a pink glow in the atmosphere. It felt like it was dusk on the planet and that this pinkish hue was a type of sunset. I noticed beings passing us on the left that were not human nor Arcturian. Astaria moved me along as I become fascinated by all the sights, sounds and activities. I noticed a tree with a red trunk and reddish, purple leaves as we walked toward a large round building that had a flat roof and what looked like a medieval wall around the outside of the top roof. Astaria, still holding my hand as I’m very distractible guided us to a arched doorway where we walked to the center of a plain round building. As we stood in the middle of the open air lower level that had two entrances, I realized that we were standing on a platform and it began to lift us up through the ceiling to the top level. The platform stopped at the top level and became the floor. As we stood, golden light beings that are the Arcturians stood in a circle around us. They created a lotus flower chair for me (I have an affinity for lotus flowers) and I sat in the middle of them.

Telepathically they spoke to me. “We have a message that we would like to share. We are the 9th dimensional Arcturians. Of course we are you and you are us. (I have an Arcturian self as many on Gaia currently do). “We would like to speak of the cosmic energies that pulse to Gaia at this time. There are divine energies that have the effect of amplifying that are pulsing to Gaia and to you in the physical. In a 3rd and 4th dimensional reality of duality that you are currently residing in, the energies created for experience are now amplified. The divine multidimensional being that you all are is amplified as well as the shadow self. In this context we speak of the duality or shadow self within you. We ask you to find and remain within the eye of the storm within. Be the stillness within. As your innate light amplifies, it shines light on all that is to be released that is not of the light that you are becoming. The light shines on all that is to be released, loved and forgiven within you. This is emphasized as what you create as your inner experience will be created in the world outside of you.

Those that choose to remain in the darkness and we say this with no judgment as all is of the One Creator, will experience similar amplifying effects as they sense the loss of power and control as you reclaim yours. In this amplifying of energy, those that choose darkness may in a frantic attempt that is in the end of no consequence insert holograms of fear into the mass consciousness and seemingly very real events that attempt to elicit reactionary anger, revenge and fear from those that are unaware they are co-creating reality as One. You, beautiful lightworkers, are the peace, freedom and unity as you remain centered in your hearts. You are the bringers of calm and the vessels of divine light. Remain calm amidst the illusion of chaos. We, your higher dimensional brothers and sisters, higher selves and beings of light assure you that there will not be a hostile alien invasion or any fearful, negative form of invasion upon Gaia. Those that remain in the perception of power over others will become ever desperate as they continue to diminish in power. We remind you that as we are speaking of energies that those that choose darkness are able to affect the electromagnetic frequencies all around you. They can affect the EMF’s through the technology that you use every day. There is technology available to diminish the effect of these frequencies around you and those that enter your daily space. You may resonate with what we are speaking of and choose to mitigate these effects. Our starships of light, conversely, bring to you all our vibrational technology of Porlana C energy. This energy is available to all upon Gaia and may be consciously grounded within you to assist in achieving balance, harmony and stabilizing your energy fields. There is much love for humanity, our awakened ones and those awakening now. We are only a thought away. We honor your missions upon Gaia and await you at the threshold of the New Earth.

As a postscript, pictures of the higher dimensional Arcturians are very difficult to find as I simply perceive them as golden oval lightbeings with small black eyes that can sometimes be observed. As they are a group consciousness, I always perceive them in a circle unless I am speaking with my personal Arcturian self that I may perceive as a single being although this is not quite accurate. It simply gives me a point of reference.

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