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AMUN-RA Speaks From The Athena Starship To Awaken the Lineage of RA

My merkaba activated and I found myself entering the boarding area of the Athena starship, the Pleiadian/Arcturian starship in the 5th dimension. The waiting area was filled with astral humans that had clearly come for this event. As I walked through the waiting area to merge with my Pleiadian higher self too, I walked past several Egyptian light beings that lined the entryway as if to greet those that were arriving. I bowed to Goddess Isis, Sekhmet and Thoth as they were easily recognizable to me. I passed through what appeared to me to be a plasma wall of light and merged with my Pleiadian self, Astaria. We walked into a large room on the starship that was unfamiliar to me. I stood in the group of higher selves that were gathering around me and the room was expanding to accomodate the quickly growing group.

In the front of the room stood what appeared to be a huge golden bird of light with a small glowing sun above it’s head. Sananda appeared in front of this being and Divine Mother Mary appeared to his left and Mary Magdalene to his right. As the group continued to arrive, it felt like higher selves from the various starships were all joining whatever event was to transpire. I took this opportunity to focus with the intent of seeing this being more clearly. There was a familiarity yet I hadn’t recognized this form. As I put forth great effort to see clearly, the being began to emanate intense, blinding, golden light and I could see large golden wings and rays of golden light reaching out to us. The being became blindingly bright. I recognized it as a Seraphim being.

The room was now full with what felt like thousands of higher selves and the being began to speak. “I am Ra, Amun-Ra. I return to honor the call of the beloved Divine Mother. I acknowledge the beloved aspects of the Divine Mother which are Now present. My loving greetings to the aspects of the divine feminine. He bowed deeply to Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene I join my brother, Lord Sananda and the Great Mother Gaia in this most joyous and rapturous time. We put forth our intention, divine will and collective energies to support the Great Gaia in her return from the realm of separation and her emergence from the experience of duality. I call on you, my family, my brothers and sisters incarnate upon Gaia to awaken to your lineage of Ra. I offer you the Ankh of remembrance. As we recall our alignment now with the ray of Christ Consciousness, I call my collective lineage to awaken and join me in the elevation of the human vibration. All of you present, my lineage, were present in our incarnation in the Egyptian time period. It was only a mere second ago that we came to Gaia to plant the seeds so that once again humanity would reclaim it’s divine origins. Although we were perceived of as gods during this period, in truth we were simply the models sent forth from the Divine mother to assist with the remembrance of that which humanity truly is. “

“I call out with great love to my incarnated Seraphim family to arise from the chambers of your slumber.” All around me, galactic higher selves transformed into Golden Seraph and the room was filled with rays of golden light. “We return to and again become the heart of the Divine mother in perfect alignment with the will of the One Creator, Prime Source. The veils are lifted from your forgetfulness that you once agreed upon. We come again to shine the magic and light into the hearts and minds of all humanity. The divine light, The Sun that is your divine blueprint and birthright is only Within you. When the Sun is illuminated within your hearts, all that is reflected back to you is the love, wisdom, inner power and compassion of your own Sun. As you move through your initiations as you have done before, observe as the emotional body reflects to you what is to be accepted within. As emotions arise, allow them to flow through you with no attachment, only detached observation. Open to the higher vibratory state within and hold that state within you. As your focus, thoughts and energy align to this higher octave within, that is what you again become. The higher vibratory state of consciousness becomes your state of reality. All reality is within, not without. You become higher dimensional and you begin to move back into your natural state, your Golden Solar Angel. Breathe through all the lower dimensional emotions until the heart Sun is as light as a feather. Let all flow freely through your being and free yourself of all attachments. I have come to awaken you and to lovingly assist you in the embodying and decension of your inner Golden Solar Angel. We, as Golden Solar Angels join in unity as we have always been One, in a circle of light that encompasses Gaia and humanity. We rise together once again and return the divine codes and original blueprint to the Goddess Gaia and all her inhabitants. It is time to return all Home, to the divinity and the eternal trinity that is within. As we stand together, the lineage of Ra, our divine light reaches every corner of the planet, every cave and every dwelling, purging and transforming each cell of each being on Gaia in our preparation for the return to Oneness. All darkness we illuminate with light. Spread your wings, my family, and expand you heart within to join with mine and to one another’s.”

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