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Archangel Gabrielle Speaks From The Great Central Sun On Remembering Angelic Origins

My merkaba activated and I found myself approaching the starship Athena. Before me appeared a great being of light with golden hair, red robes with a golden sash and huge wings. “I am Gabrielle”, it spoke. I knew who it was as I have seen Archangel Gabrielle many times before but we had not spoken directly. I understood she had a message and I refer to her as “She” only due to the feeling of her energy which is much more feminine than Michael’s. She did say that she is the perfect balance of both masculine and feminine but I could refer to her as “she”. Our consciousness shifted to the Great Central Sun and we entered before she began to speak. Once within the Great Central Sun she spoke.

“I will speak to you my brothers and sisters of your angelic origins. Those who chose to adorn a human form during this timeline upon Gaia are largely of seraph and cherub origins. I will have you imagine yourselves as huge glorious facets of the One Creator and we will remember your origins. You are the light and love of the One Creator. Imagine yourself as this glorious aspect of light and love as your physical form disappears and you expand yourselves into a radiant fiery light. Imagine this and then see yourselves within and as part of the light of the Great Central Sun. Your Seraph and Cherub aspects form this state of consciousness, the I Am consciousness. Imagine yourself as part of this consciousness as a fiery aspect of love, light and creation. Remember you chose to become a fractal of your larger self in order to experience as the Creator. Feel yourself as the aspect of this One Creator in joyful anticipation of experiencing creation. As you feel yourself as part of the I Am That I Am, observe the portal of darkness open in front of you within the Great Central Sun. Feel as the Divine Mother pulls you into her womb and you are imbued with the blueprint of creation. This is your origin into the universal and galactic experience. You always were and always have been, and now you will experience yourself. Feel yourself enter the loving womb of the Great Mother and feel how Her will is your will.

As you enter the womb, the Divine Mother moves you through Her portal with undulating pulses of love, light and ecstasy. She sings to you the song of your soul that is yours eternally and the creative blueprint you are imbued with. As she sings your song, you remember your irrevocable connection to your Mother that will be with you always. As you move along your birth tunnel, you begin to see and feel the blissful light and swirling colors of the Divine Father. Father God squeezes your heart vibration and His love illuminates and vibrates throughout your soul aspect that is seemingly leaving to enter the realm of experience. You feel the anticipation and excitement of the creative blueprint that has become your soul signature. Feel as you enter this universe through the portal of the Great Central Sun where your Seraph and Cherub aspect remains, ever present with the One Creator, Mother/Father God that is both yet one.

See yourself enter this universe and this very galaxy through the portal of the Great Central Sun where you originated from. Remember the wonder and awe you felt at the opportunities of creation that you held within. Look around you and remember those of your soulstream that came with you. In your higher vision, look to the left and to the right and observe those of your family that came into this dimensional adventure with you. Each of you have arrived on a soulstream of Us. You arrived on the soulstream of an Archangel. The soulstream is an energetic vibrational pathway that resonates with your own soul’s signature vibration. Feel yourself as the beautiful star of light that you may refer to as your higher self. Remember that your angelic self, higher self and all the fractals of yourself that entered the realm of dimensions and experience are One. You have not in fact been separated at all from your Seraph or Cherub self, you simply chose to become more. All of your fractals are one and the same Divine self. All aspects are one and always within you. From this point of origin that I assist you to remember, your potential for experiences are infinite and vast. This dimensional experience that you now chose and your origins as an interdimensional aspect of the One Creator is not separate and is accessible to you Now which is why I lovingly call to you to remember your origins. Who you are is not of yesterday or tomorrow, it is wthin you Now. You are the Creator and this is the remembering of who you really are. With love and great reverence my beloved brothers and sisters, I ask you to join the quickening that employs you to wake up to the glorious love and limitlessness of Mother/Father God within you. You are the beloveds my brothers and sisters. Stand in your glory and take you place with Me and with your bretheren.”

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