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Greetings From The Athena Starship-Pleidian Astaria Speaks On The Heartspace, 5th Dimension and Grou

My merkaba activated and I found myself aboard the Athena starship in the fifth dimension. I was sitting at a table as Astaria floated in. She had an ethereal, fluid appearance about her that I had never seen before. Her movements and expressions flowed as if she was submersed in very thin air with little gravity. We greeted one another and then she projected an image of Gaia above my head. The image floated above me in the middle of the table. She stood as she spoke, “Our grounded counterparts that have higher dimensional selves on the starship are anchoring the photonic light that we agreed to gift you as well as the divine energies from the Sun behind the Sun. (I believe she was referring to the Great Central Sun).” “Turn inward and focus on the energy of the heart. Many of our grounded ones are feeling unbalanced as we see them turn their focus outward toward the chaos of the outer world. Chaos always precedes great change. The universe, however, is within you. As you turn your focus to the heartspace, as you turn your focus inward, what do you find there? The outer chaos is merely a reflection of the inner self that may require a bit or a great deal of housekeeping. Where are your focus and your thoughts going? Are you imagining, which is creating of course, crystal clear waters and purified air to breathe? Are you seeing fifth dimensional Gaia? If you did perceive fifth dimensional Gaia, what would you see? Have a look within yourself.”

“In this perception and observation, you may see Gaia as the living library, the galactic information waystation for this galaxy. You may observe many galactic beings visiting Gaia to learn of our evolution as a galaxy. You may also see the Angelics conversing with the galactics and the various galactics enjoying and learning from the lessons and countless experiences that have been created through the experiences of the One Creator. That One Creator is you. Indeed it is you”

“Imagine your heartspace and move your focus there, to the expanded universe within you. Imagine a beautiful, sparkling pink light within your heart. Now imagine that this pink sparkling light expands within your heart, you may see this as a pink rose opening it’s petals of light or a pink lotus flower blooming. Expand this pink energy of your heartspace so that it completely surrounds you. You are your heartspace. You are the unlimited spaciousness, the infinite love, the unity with all others and Gaia, the complete unity of you and everything and everyone else. You are divine love. Within your mind’s eye, now look above you. Observe the huge column of white light emanating from above your head. This is the divine love light that now enters your 12th chakra. Feel and perceive how this column of love light moves down through the 12th chakra, 11th, 10th, 9th and 8th until it reaches the crown chakra. Continue to allow this love light to move downward through you into the 7th, 6th and 5th chakras. Feel this light come down into your expanded pink heartspace. This divine column of white light is your ascension column. Feel this divine white light move downward as a column into your root chakra. Remember that you are one with Gaia’s heart. Feel as your ascension column of divine light now becomes your root to ground you into Gaia. Feel it move down toward Gaia’s body, through your Earth chakra and into Gaia’s core. You have always been one with Gaia’s heart. Bring your pink heart love energy and your divine ascension column of light into Gaia’s core. As you merge your light and your love and your heart with Gaia’s core, you can feel her heartbeat. The heart beat of the great goddess. Your heartbeat is Gaia’s heartbeat. Perceive yourself within Gaia’s core. Observe the goddess as she stands before you as the glorious ascended mother. What do you see? How do you see the great mother? What members of your family of light are there with you, standing with her in unity and love? Trust that which you see and feel as this is your truth.”

“Our grounded ones, as you are us, have activated the codes within the DNA. The activation of these codes have created an expansion of all that you are. Our grounded ones are in the activation stage of the 12 layers of multidimensional DNA. The higher chakras have also been activated. We ask that our grounded ones honor their physical bodies. It is your vehicle to the higher vibrational realms. Your physical needs may change and we ask you to honor and listen to the body as the cells are speaking to you. You may require more rest as this is when you are receiving activations so the cells will require that you rest as they are changing rapidly. Honor what it is that your body asks for food. This may be a complete change of diet or simply a craving for certain foods and nutrients. We ask that you do not fall into judgment upon yourself or others regarding individual diets. Ingest what your body asks for. The energetic requirements are high and the body in it’s own wisdom knows that which it needs at this time. The visualization or meditation is given to ground you. It can be used to ground to Gaia. We ask that you ground yourself deeply. Put your focus on and perceive the dimension that you aspire to but remain grounded. We, your higher dimensional selves are with you always and are linked with you at all times. It is a pleasure to converse with you. We are creating the heaven on earth, we honor you in this endeavor and we work together always.”

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