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Greetings From The Athena Starship-Sananda Speaks On Acceleration And Transformation

My merkaba activated and I found myself boarding the Athena starship via the visitor

entrance. I took a double take as I looked to the right because I saw a plethora of astral

humans sitting in the waiting area. More than I have ever seen before in my journeys to

the starship. My Pleidian self Astaria awaited ahead and we merged and entered a very

large meeting room. There seems to be hundreds of galactic higher selves like myself

attending this gathering. As soon as I found a tight space to stand between the other

galactics, Sananda began to speak. I noticed many masters of light and angelics were

present. I recognized Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Ashtar. All eyes were

on Sananda and a large hologram of Gaia above him in the air. Around the floating image

of Gaia that was slowly rotating was a golden crystalline grid. Sananda addressed all

those that were present, “the crystalline grid is being activated by the cosmic photon rays

gifted to Gaia and the grounded ones from the higher dimensional motherships of light.

These photon rays are gifted from the Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Ashtar’s ship

and others. These photon rays be seen as rainbow colored rays or may even appear to the

grounded ones as rays of a few brilliant colors. The divine rays from the Central Sun and

the One Creator appear as golden, white or platinum light. These may appear to be

streaming down from the skies.”

“The photonic rays are gifted and act as an accelerator. These rays enter the

crown and heart chakras, they expand and activate the DNA as well as the higher

chakras. They also act upon Gaia’s chakras. Our grounded, incarnated ones serving the

Light have accelerated this timeline and are transforming themselves into the original

blueprint beyond our expectations. The gifted photon rays expand the physical,

emotional, mental and etheric bodies. Our grounded ones may even feel larger for a time

but this sensation will return to normal rather quickly. With the acceleration from the

photon light there is an accelerated clearing and transforming of all lower dimensional

beliefs, emotions and the shadow self. Do not despair my beloved angels, when you feel

that you lose your sacred vibration and a lower thought or emotion arises, it is the rapid

transformation that you are experiencing rather than a block or descent from your

progression into the higher realms. This is not so, it is not. Simply observe and love that

thought or feeling and rise above. Do not become attached to it at all. Our grounded ones

have been transforming and loving their lower vibrational selves in a most phenomenal


“Many are diligently in the process of loving and transforming the shadow self.

This is the aspect of self, of three dimensional self that tells you anything other than you

are always worthy and loved by Mother/Father God. This is the aspect of self, the being

of love and light that incarnated into the darkness and began in forgetfulness to believe

that it was separate from Mother/Father God. The divine, powerful being of light forgot

that it chose it’s own lessons of awakening and created an inner and outer war with

Mother/Father god. This aspect of the self came to blame the One Creator for the pain

and suffering endured as the result of duality and the creation of polarity. The shadow

self turned it’s radiant and beautiful light away from the eternal love of the One Creator

and rebelled against God in several lifetimes on Gaia. The shadow self became lost in

anger and pain in these incarnations. These lives that you fell into forgetfulness and were

unable to awaken created a rift in the self that could be called the shadow self. We ask

that you continue to return these lower vibrational energies and the shadow self to the

light. In truth there is only love. Many lightworkers, our grounded ones have been trained

in assisting those that need assistance with this aspect of the self that persists in

presenting darkness to them. It is time to heal and rise above this aspect of the self. Seek

out and intend to find each other to receive all that each one requires in order to fully heal

and return to the truth of light and love. I, Sananda, your Galactic Family, your Angels

and Family of Light stand ever ready to assist you. Ask, believe and receive what you

require. You are the Light, the Love and the Way. We honor you and ask that you honor

yourselves above all. As we accelerate, nourish the body, the mind and the heart with all

that gives you joy and respite. Beloved ones, my angels of light, we are with you now and


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