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The great Goddess Isis speaks of the Golden Spiral, Expansion and New Earth

I called in my multidimensional selves and the Family of Light. My Seraphim self, Higher Self Solara and my Pleidian self, Astaria with my/her divine complement Astar appeared. Astaria and Astar were holding hands. My merkaba spun and I found myself outside the Athena starship again. Isis appeared before me in her beautiful goddess formen of white light. I thanked her for a great blessing that she had gifted me with at the end of our last meeting. She accepted my gratitude and was eager to instruct. In front of us appeared a huge golden image of a spiral hanging in space. She began to speak, “The spiral is the One Creator, Mother/Father God. You are a point of light on the creative love energy spiral of Mother/Father God. The spiral is in constant motion (she gave me the image of a corkscrew) and there is no beginning and no end. All energy, which is Mother/Father God is in motion, in a state of creation. You as this point of light are also in motion on the spiral. We are moving in a circular motion, no beginning and no end. You have many, many points of light that are you on this spiral. These other facets of your light are always connected yet they may appear to be separate. There are many multidimensional aspects of you. This point of light on the spiral that is you is in a state of expansion, yet this aspect of you is an embodied facet of the larger soul that you are, the great creator beings of divine light that you are. You are beacons for the divine light emanating from the Great Central Sun, the I Am consciousness. The divine light pulses through the suns to the central sun within Gaia also. This divine light has the effect of expanding your entire being, transforming the cells within and the DNA as to become diamond crystalline light. Goddess Gaia is also transforming with all of you on this point of light on the spiral of the One Creator.”

“The more expansive you can imagine yourself, the more space you create for the divine light. As expansion occurs All that is not light is released within yourself. Fear, negative beliefs and programs can create constriction. Constriction of the self can increase symptoms as this state creates resistance to the light. As the light increases within, light shines on all the darkness that must be transformed within. This is as it should be. Feel the violet fire vibration emanate from your heart and feel that wave engulf you and burn away all the beliefs, limitations and hindrances within yourself. Forgive yourself, forgive all others and reclaim the light within. None else is real. When constriction occurs, set your intent on and focus on expansion. Create a daily intent, mantra, meditation where you use your powerful words whatever they may be. I am the perfect expanded state of the God/Goddess. I am the expanded Cosmic Christ, I am the Way, I am the Love, I am the expanded Light.”

“Then master the mind. Imagine, as you are great creators what it is you want your life to look like and the world of Goddess Gaia to look like, to feel like. If you look upon the illusion that is set before you, you will continue to create that illusion. You are great creators and every thought put forth with emotion attached to it is creating. Remember who you are. You are not separate from Mother/Father God. To allow the illusion to fall away, imagine a large multifaceted diamond in front of you. Each facet on your diamond is a mirror. Look upon the diamond that is you and intend to view a loving, multidimensional aspect of you that is a part of you and is always with you. As you gaze into one part of the faceted mirror, allow this image to become clear. This aspect of you is lovingly assisting you in your brave endeavor to remember who you are. Imagine that the mirror becomes larger until you are looking at that aspect of you. Feel how it is a part of you and feel it’s love for you. Have no judgment as to your appearance in the mirror of your multifaceted diamond. It is perfect as you are. Speak to this aspect of you and allow it to speak to you. Ask this aspect of you for it’s name. It is always with you and always will be with you. Allow it to love you and guide you. Create a relationship with this aspect of you.”

At this point I asked Divine Goddess Isis if she had anything else to impart. She began to speak again, “There is some thought as to what one will do after ascension. Will you float around in bliss basking in eternal love? Yes but you are creators and explorers. So you will create and explore. As you expand, your creations become more glorious and expansive as well. The possibilities are endless and there are no limits in creation. You are on the Mother/Father God spiral of no beginning and no end in the endless possibilities of creation. Enjoy this moment, enjoy all that is of Goddess Gaia. There is so much to experience upon her and with her. Enjoy as you expand. Enjoy this moment.”

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