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Great Goddess Isis Speaks on Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

I called in my multidimensional selves and Family of Light and had the intention of a short mediation/journey as I felt quite tired. The divine and cosmic rays being anchored by us feels quite extraordinary at this time. My Lemurian self appeared and was very joyful. I asked him what the excitement was about. He replied, “we are celebrating within Agartha the brilliance and formation of the diamond rainbow grid. Each being, each diamond of light being connects to a point on the diamond grid of Gaia. Each now becomes the diamond encoded within them.” “That’s so wonderful!” I replied. My reptilian self appeared in what looked like formal Roman regalia and carried a staff as enormous as he is. “Many are coming to celebrate this joyous event.” He told me. I thought I might get a glimpse of this joyous event. My merkaba activated and I found myself traveling with my multidimensional selves. In front of the Athena suddenly appeared a huge white being of light. She had wings, a human form and a large headdress with a huge jewel in the center of it. She was an incredible sight and emanated pure feminine power.

I bowed as I recognized her, “Isis, Great Mother” I said to her. She looked at me and replied, “Sister.” She turned slightly to gaze at Gaia and I turned to look with her. Gaia from the fifth dimension shone with rainbow colors and appeared to emanate a flame of violet. She had many grids around her. Isis spoke, “the predominance of violet is the fire of transmutation. The darkness is in great transformation at this time.” “Listen”, she said. As I focused on Gaia I heard her song, the song of her being. “Look around sister”, she said. I looked out into the solar system from this perspective and saw that all the planets had pulsing rainbow colors and several grids yet each planet appeared to have a predominant color radiating from it. Each planet had a song, the sounds of it’s being.” I was still and not moving in my merkaba so I was not able to view all the planets with clarity. Venus I could see the clearest and it’s predominant color seemed to be a rose colored pink. I was in awe, I had never seen our solar system in this way. I thought to myself that the song of Gaia resonated with me the most. I loved her song.

“I have come to speak of the masculine and feminine on Gaia,” she said. “It is time to focus on the divine merging of these two complimentary aspects in order to return harmony and balance here. It is time to remember that this balance in the perfection and original blueprint of Gaia’s design. The polarities and opposites merging are the combined creative force of the One Creator. The feminine you may think of as the womb, the void, the stillpoint that is everything and nothing. Within the womb of infinite potential there arises a stirring, a movement towards creation. This is the first principle. Within the first principle is an urge and within this urge all potential arises. All potential, the creation, the blueprint and the completion of this potential occurs within the feminine. The creation is birthed and when this birth of the feminine occurs, the masculine aspect combines in the act of manifestation. This manifestation of the creation, the blueprint and it’s completion. The perfection and balance of creation is the combined principle of both the feminine and masculine. Love is therefore manifest. The perfect blending of the two divine aspects is the balance, harmony and perfect manifestation of love in creation. “

“These aspects must be balanced within the self.” I saw a vision of two snakes entwining, circling in a spiral and rising together, joining heads at the top. “In this balance of the masculine and feminine within, then the will of the self and co-creative aspect is aligned with Mother/Father God, the opposites are then balanced within the self. In this perfect balance within the self there is perfect alignment with Mother/Father God and what you term as new earth is created. It is created in perfect alignment with the heart and mind of Mother/Father God within you. There is nothing outside of you, it is all within.” I then saw a vision of the vesica pisces. In sacred geometry, the point of intersection of the two circles is the great womb or void that births all of creation.

“Mother Isis”, I asked, “Is what you speak of aligned with the information coming in at this time regarding the union of twin flames?” “This is an occurrence that is aligned with this, yes. This will be occurring for many years to come.” “That many will be reuniting with twin flames?” I asked. “The sacred union will be occurring within the self and also with twin flames as this will bring into union and balance the energies of the feminine and masculine as it was originally on Gaia. A reunion and merging in the physical form with one’s twin flame is determined by the higher self of each great being here. Some will have the etheric twin and the etheric twin will bring the opposite and harmonious energy in through spirit. Spirit descends into matter within the physical form in this manner. There are many potentials. Within the current human mind this harmony and balance that I speak of may be likened most closely to the creative imagination and the birth of artistic creations. Many will understand and relate to the inner process of this creative potential and manifestation. What I speak of, the balance returning to the feminine and masculine is the template for new earth. The perfection of the balanced energy of Mother/Father God manifest in the physical form within you.” “Thankyou Isis”, I replied. “Is there anything else you would like to speak of?”

“All creation is an aspect of the One Creator. That includes the creation and manifestation of darkness. There is freedom to create in all aspects and in the perfection of the love of the One Creator, all is one. In observing all of creation without judgment and through the perspective of love is the observer self. This is the observer aspect of yourselves and that of the One Creator. Remember that all may be viewed with compassionate detachment. In the absence of duality there is no good, bad, right and wrong. We will not focus nor dwell on the story of darkness on Gaia as within the story lies the drama that you as the observers will detach from. From our perspective, the pain and struggles are heard and felt by us all and this is not to negate that experience that feels very real to you all. I remind you and ask you to remember that in dwelling on personal “stories” of darkness and “stories” of darkness upon Gaia you give the darkness power as your thoughts and feelings go to and empower the darkness. In dwelling on these dark stories fear and anger arise within and this is the power and energy of darkness. Observe with compassionate detachment your own stories of darkness and the stories of Gaia. Find the sacred witness within yourselves. All is One, All is Love.”

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