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Divine Mother Mary and the Great Central Sun

At the beginning of my meditation, Mother Mary appeared before me. She was smiling and holding her hands out to me. I reached for her hands as she reached out and touched my heart. My Merkaba activated as I felt a burst of love light shoot out my heart chakra. We emerged in the Great Central Sun together. Divine Mother Mary and I had had several very profound meetings here previously and I had reunited in my remembrance of my connection with Her over several months. It was a very emotional reconnection for me. Her unconditional love and steadfast strength has been a more than joyful experience and her presence inspires and calms me. This time however, I could feel that she had a message for all.

With her hands she created a rainbow of light and created a circle where I could sit. She created the same for herself and we sat on rainbow seats of light facing each other. I was so happy to be with Her. “This is a wonderful year to come,” she spoke. “The divine energies reaching Gaia from the Great Central Sun, the I Am, the galactic center are available and accessible now as has not been since the time of Gaia that was the playground of the angels.” “The availability of these divine energies has the potential for each human, galactic, embodied angel and so on to transform and to be the highest version of themselves if they so choose.” “This is a year to take and embrace these creative energies to live from the heart center, to live the truth that each is a divine co-creator.”

“Gaia was a playground of the angels?” I asked. As I asked this, memories began to flood my consciousness…glimpses and flashes of memories. “You may have some remembrance of this”, she replied. “Did the angels take a physical form?” I asked. “In a sense yes, as you can imagine with a human mind but you have no frame of reference for this. As you are aware, to experience, the senses are required to touch, smell, taste and feel. Yet the angels could create whichever form suited them or they desired…a fish, a mammal, yet the forms which they took would appear as light to a three dimensional being. Forms were much less dense than what is experienced on Gaia now. There was much joy and playfulness for the angelics to experience in perfect alignment with All that Is. Gaia radiated with the light of the angels, love, and rainbow rays. This was a first era before the many eons that have come and gone on Gaia. Humanity is able to bring in these divine energies now and master the mind and fill their hearts with Christ consciousness.”

“Is this what we are to do?” I asked Her. “You are to do what gives you joy, you are to do what you feel called to do within your heart.” She replied. “This is different for each soul aspect on Gaia. For some their joy will be in creating communes living in harmony, for others gardening and planting, for others it is to be the first on their street to have a home fully wind powered. Some will talk with the animals and some will find joy in healing. There are no limits to that which can be created from the joy within. Simply follow your joy in all that you do and that is all that is to be done. Whatever inspires you.” “It gives you, personally, joy to join with the higher soul aspects of yourself and so you do and you come here to reconnect with Us. It is your joy to come home and talk with us and it gives you joy to bring the words back with the hope that it gives others joy and they also reconnect with the higher aspect of themselves.” I replied to Her with a resounding “Yes!”

But Mother, I said to Her, “So many are still not awake.” “Yes many are not, yet yourself and the many that you came with are awake and you are awakening them are you not? By being awake you bring the energies wherever you go. Long before you came to Gaia in this life you desired to do this and you are as are the ones you came with. All will awaken when it is their time. Enjoy, embrace and support those that you came with and you will all continue to bring the divine energies in and that is all you need to do to awaken others. Be Awake, just Be. Be love, compassion, be the Master that you are.”

“Thankyou Mother,” I replied. “I love you.”

“And I love you beloved one.”

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