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Twelve Faces of the I AM Presence of the Great Central Sun Rebirthed Into A Universe

I had no expectations on my holiday vacation to experience such an awe inspiring and super fun journey. I was catching up on some articles on spiritual websites that I very much enjoy. It was late in the evening and everyone was in bed. I gazed out over the starry Florida sky and listened to the crashing of the waves on the nearby beach. I spoke to Mother/Father God and my multidimensional selves about the feeling of anticipation and excitement that I was feeling in setting my New year’s intention to fully embody my divine creator self on Gaia. I imagined the possibilities inherent in living on Gaia within a physical body filled with love, unity and oneness with Mother/Father God and all humanity and creatures upon Her.

Then I felt my Seraphim self appear close to me and I spoke to Her. “I no longer agree to participate in the illusion of separateness,” I said to Her. With that I felt Her wings of flaming light surround me in an embrace. I felt the edges of my physical body disappear and felt like a golden ball of light within Her. My Merkaba activated but the spinning star in my mind felt much larger than it ever had, in fact it felt like my whole head area was spinning. I felt tingles all through my head that began to spread down my body. The tingles began to feel like sparks of love. As we moved together, the Great Central Sun appeared in front of us and we slowly glided to a spot on the outside of the huge, blinding light. As we glided in and settled, we merged our essence with what felt like millions of other angelic beings to form the Great Central Sun, the I Am Presence. I realized we were all slowly rotating around the Great Central Sun and we were all facing Mother/Father God, all aspects of pure love adoring our Beloved. My body was now being sparked all over with tingles of love, as if thousands of little sparks of love were electrifying and animating me. I felt complete, No wants or needs, I was simply and perfectly Home. Experiencing this joyful presence of Home, facing Mother/Father God, I felt that I was serenity and peace yet animated by electrified love. As we slowly rotated, I understood that We all contained and maintained the vibration of the Great Central Sun. The rotation felt like a glorious dance of love, as if We were all in continuous celebration of Mother/Father God.

As we rotated I gazed in front of me and at the I Am Presence. I noticed that the inner circle appeared to be a dodecahedron, a circle that had twelve faceted sides. The numbers three, six and nine appeared in light in front of me. I began to see that the twelve sided ball of love and light had twelve faces that I began straining to observe and make out clearly. I began to hear a song , the sound of angels singing the song of Mother/Father god. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard and began to subside into a whisper as I focused with determination on the faces flowing by me. I glimpsed the face and bust of a Bull, then a Lion but couldn’t seem to see the others as I slowed in front of the Lion face. I spoke out in my Mind, “please let me see one clearly.”

I seemed to be pushed out of the rotation and gazed at the face of a golden lion with a huge mane and eyes that shone like rubies on fire. As I looked into it’s face, I could feel myself being pulled slowly towards it and it’s huge mouth opened wide. I felt like I was being drawn into it like a magnet but knew that I could stop. In that moment I knew I had no desire to stop and was drawn into it’s huge mouth. Once inside I stopped and was suspended in a giant, dark, womb-like space. There was perfect stillness and serenity. After a moment of taking in the everything and nothingness of the dark stillness I heard a loving voice speak to me. “What Will You Create” the voice asked. I knew the voice was of Mother/Father God. Instantly, I replied, “I will create the symphony of the cosmos, the music of the spheres, the colors of the rainbow and the creations inspired by the perfection of the I Am Presence.” With that I began to move again.

Ahead of me, I began to be pulled again and I saw swirling and dancing brilliant multicolored lights. I was pulled into the tunnel of dancing lights. I sped up for a moment and then popped out the end into a huge expansive space. I was greeted by two golden beings of light. I felt out my space and could feel that this was a huge new universe and it was waiting to be created. I recalled being birthed into the universe previously but here I felt like I had eons of experience and consciousness with me. I was renewed but not a newborn. There was a new canvas laid out in front of me to paint on. I could feel the excitement and exhilaration mount within. As I began to feel the wonder of it all, suddenly about thirty other huge stars of light popped out the same portal behind me and we formed a huge line of stars. I could feel myself bouncing with joy and love as my creator group joined me! I knew all these beautiful wise stars of light and I realized that we had all chosen the same thing Together. My beloved stars and I all touched corners of our stars in excitement and joy and bursts of brilliantly colored light burst out from within us. One began to sing a tone, followed by the next and then the next until we were creating an incredible song of beauty. The empty universe began to fill with color and light and sound and as I looked out in front of us I saw a huge spiral forming. I could feel and see atoms compressing and attaching to each other. As this occurred, A spiral began to form in the emptiness. It appeared to be a huge golden spiral of atoms. As we sang and used our brilliant colors of light the spiral seemed to become more compact and visible and after awhile began to collapse down. I began to understand that we were forming a galaxy, the beginnings of a galaxy. My body tingled and sparkled with love. My Seraphim self appeared and wrapped it’s wings around me and I began to drift back to my body in the lounge chair on the deck on the beach. The sound of the waves returned to my consciousness. I smiled inside and said to my Seraphim self, “that must have been the future.” “There is no time my dear,” She replied, “It is the Now.”

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