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Greetings on the Winter Solstice from the Athena Starship and Ashtar's New Jeruselem

I could just feel that today's journey was going to be fun and uplifting and indeed it was. I called in my Multidimensional selves and Family of Light to ask if there was any news during the solstice. My Merkaba (vehicle of light) was activated and I was off the the Athena starship, the Pleidian/Arcturian starship residing in the 5th dimension. I found myself in a room that is familiar to me and that i usually meet my multidimensional selves in. My Pleidian self and Divine Complement were dressed in white uniforms and were holding hands. My Draconian, Lemurian, Sirian, Reptilian, Arcturian, and two higher selves, one who is called Lady of the Pearl and the other Solara were also present. We each spoke a bit and I took the form of my Seraphim self. My Arcturian self began to speak. He (he's not really a he or she but it feels more masculine so I refer to this aspect as He) spoke of the portals within, the mind and heart Merkaba, the Mind and Heart of God within us. In relative reality there is the mind merkaba which is our individual consciousness but the heart Merkaba solely is the Mind and heart of God or the eternal Atma within. He spoke of each lightbeing on Gaia as well as myself utilizing and embodying more of our divine portals to higher consciousness-light and love within the high heart. Three Pleidians that I also know well on Earth joined us and I embraced each one. something wonderful and joyous was happening.

My Arcturian self and I left the room and walked down the corridor. We paused by the windows and I looked at the Sirian and Andromedan starships that had been with us for quite awhile. Further down, I noticed again another two that had joined us. In my mind's eye I looked to the other side of the Athena and perceived Ashtar's immense starship the New Jerusalem. With that thought, I found myself aboard the New Jerusalem and was standing in the boarding area. I looked to the left and saw the astral bodies of many galactic beings as well as humans. I thought to myself that I had never seen galactic astrals in the waiting room on the Athena before so this was something new and interesting. Although i was aware I had been here several times I felt deeply honored to be there consciously in my lightbody as my Seraphim self. I walked through the light plasma wall and was greeted by Ashtar on the other side. We bowed and embraced. How I loved and cherished him. I followed him down the corridor and into a room similar to where councils meet on the Athena. There was a donut shaped table with a small opening and the top of the table looked like light plasma flowing over it. The room was emanating more light than was imaginable. Ascended masters of light formed a circle around the outside of the table. In the center of the very large table stood Sananda on a circle of light. I stood in front of a seat beside Ashtar and to the right of me was the opening in the table. We all bowed to one another and took a seat. Light flowed from the center of Sananda to the center of each being. Sananda began to speak, "Beloved brothers and sisters of light and love" the light flowed from one to another and in all directions it seemed, I perceived myself for a moment within a diamond of turquoise blue light. The outside of my octahedron seemed to shoot off rainbows of light. I seemed to be filling with microcosmic diamonds of light which turned into twelve faceted balls of microcosmic light. I understood that this was the crystalline transformation occurring on Gaia. Six Archangels appeared in the room behind the ascended masters. Sananda projected a holographic image of Gaia above and in front of us. I observed the flower of life grid around Her glowing brighter than i have ever observed. "The imposed barrier to the Light (knowledge) of the Divine has been dismantled. Once again the Divine rays are accessible to humanity. The age of darkness is ending. The Archangels are gently yet firmly relocating those who do not wish to move into Love and Light in the astral planes. Those incarnated that choose to remain in the lower vibrational state are being given a choice to return to the Unity of One or be relocated to another realm of density where they can continue their path. The Divine Mother will take many into the Light with Her. This is our Glorious endeavor and those that come to serve and also observe continue to arrive from this universe and beyond. This spectacular event is unique in itself as in Unity and Oneness, it has been agreed upon that the human collective will consciously Unite and Ascend with the Great Mother. Some cosmic elders will return Home individually prior as agreed upon by their higher selves in accordance with their own divine plans. When our grounded family completes in Unity and Love the creation of the diamond crystalline matrix, All will ascend as One." Observing the holographic projection, each Lightbeing on Gaia represented an octagon (diamond). The matrix was formed by each Lightbeing diamond connecting on each side with another Lightbeing diamond on the Matrix. The top of each diamond Lightbeing connected to the rays of Divine Mother/Father God and the bottom of each diamond Lightbeing connected with the Core of Gaia. All were One. The grid was a complex and breathtaking sight of Unity and Love. "Our grounded family is opening the divine portals within and the cosmic divine portals are now open and all is connecting. All is in Divine Order."

We each looked at the slowly rotating holographic image of Gaia and Us with the unified feeling of wonder and true amazement at the Beauty of it all. Blessing to all of Us for creating such a wondrous event of Unity and Love. And blessings to our Great Mother Gaia.

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