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My Arcturian Self, Master the Mind

Greeting fellow starbrothers and sisters. My Arcturian self is asking that I share my meditation and our discussion the other evening. This was a lovely one as I haven't had quality time with just my Arcturian self in some time. A big theme in my meditations lately have been about aligning with the Mind and Heart of Mother/Father God and how the meditations that were given to me, the Great Central Sun and Atma meditation were to assist those that desire to connect with the Mind of God, their higher selves in the Great Central Sun frequency and the Heart of God within our own high hearts through our Atma, our connection within to the Heart of God. To experience these you can find them on youtube under the Astaria Charles channel.

On this note, my Arcturian self touched my heart and I arrived on the Athena as I often do. The Athena is the Pleidian/Arcturian mothership in the 5th dimension. My Arcturian self began to talk to me about Arcturus. While he was talking I had yet another vision of Arcturus with it's reddish glow and I saw a visual of very unusual foliage, trees with red leaves. My Arcturian self spoke about the evolution of Arcturus. "We too had our evolutionary process once we took form. We too forgot who we were and descended into forgetfullness. Once we began to remember, the awakening spread rapidly across Arcturus and we ascended quickly, as quickly as could be expected for a planet. As you have observed, the Athena is round and you wondered how this could even move, being spherical. Our starships evolved quickly into spheres and are not inanimate but organic and alive. They are moved and powered by our Mind. We in fact do not really need a ship but this is useful for those beings that we work with and assist in their own evolution. There is much growth on a multidimensional ship. As you know, you, us and all are here Now as Gaia is wounded and is now ready to return to Her glorious self as are you all. This shift back home requires again ( I am constantly reminded of this) that You become the Master of your Mind and Emotions. Your thoughts of being alone personally on this journey (my mind has been going to thoughts of the improbability of finding a partner that is awake, evolved and also a galactic) create. As your vibration increases you are manifesting quickly are you not? When you ask a question, how quickly do you receive it? When you decide you are ready for something and believe that it will come, how fast does it come to you?” I thought about this and agreed that it was incredibly fast. “Remember again, what you are viewing outside of yourself is an illusion, yet you are creating every moment with your thoughts and emotions and the manifestation is very fast. Imagine and feel what you want, keep setting your intentions as you do each day. You put out the thought with feeling that you were ready to create the website you were asked to create and did it only take three days for that person to appear? Yet you put doubt into what each is divinely entitled to….a mate? You are doing a wonderful job at being mindful yet continue to master this. The masses see what is designed for them to see, mostly fear and danger lurking around each corner. Most do not even realize they are powerful beings that are creating. The conditioning and the ego of many lives here can pull you back into believing the lie. Transmute all negative thoughts and genetic family patterns into light. If you believe that nobody will understand you and that you must live alone then you know you will create it. Be aware and mindful." "Keep imagining all that you want your life to be and it will be and have some fun doing it."

As I listened to what I knew was true, I looked out the window on the Athena and saw that two other motherships had joined us, besides the two Sirian and Andromedan ships already with us...he told me to use my inner sight to look at the other side of us. There was Ashtar's immense ship of Light on the other side. All of us were emitting rays that resembled the Aurora Borealis in space. It was beautiful. Cosmic and divine rays showered Gaia and the flower of life grid glowed brightly around her. My Arcturian self said, "It is not whether Gaia will ascend or you will, it is rather the divine timing and that is not to be worried about"

Blessings and happy transmuting and anchoring the beautiful rainbow rays!

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