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Gaia Speaks

I entered my meditative state and called in my multidimensional selves and family of Light. I acknowledged Ashtar and Archangel Michael as they had joined me in my meditation.

Before me appeared a beautiful glowing woman with eyes the color of a deep blue ocean and beautiful brown skin. She wore a bright green flowing dress the color of green grass with various flowers from around the world strewn across her dress. Her hair was long and brown and filled with green vines. As I took in the beauty of this goddess before me, she spoke, “I am Gaia, I am the Great Mother.” I replied, “I am honored Mother.” She began to speak.

“I would like to ask that all focus on my heart. And by my heart I also mean your hearts as we are One. Please open your hearts and continue to grow in your lightbody awareness. Embody the highest aspect of consciousness that you can reach and bring the vibration of unconditional love into your heart. Please continue with a focus on Unity Consciousness and forgiveness. Forgive yourselves for any incarnations with me where you fell into the darkness upon my body and forgive those who dwell in darkness now.

Have no judgment, no judgment of yourself or others as we have All been in darkness and now we emerge into the light. Please continue without judgment to send unconditional love and the violet fore of transmutation to all my children that remain in the darkness. I Am the Great Mother and all in time will emerge from the darkness. Thankyou to those that serve me and to the awakened ones that have served me for eons.

I long to reconnect with all my children as the vibration of love increases upon Me. There is a need to bring the masculine and feminine back into balance upon me and I ask that each of you work toward this in the way that is appropriate for each of you.

We are all moving into a higher dimension with Great Joy.

Thankyou my Beloved Children.”

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