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All Is Geometry, Including Us. As Above, So Below

I called in my multidimensional selves and the Family of Light. Sananda, Archangel Michael and Ashtar appeared as the Family of Light. I felt my merkaba begin to spin and I transformed into my eagle lightbody. I began to fly up the column of light toward the great central sun with Sananda facing me. As we flew, I perceived a blue six pointed star on my forehead. I felt two merkaba’s within my eagle lightbody. One was in my head and the other was in my heart area. These began to spin rapidly and became a diamond (octahedron) of light around me. I was now an eagle within a diamond of light. As I began to enjoy being within my diamond of light, a circle of light formed outside the diamond. As I looked at the circle I saw that it had twelve facets (dodecahedron) and although it felt circular it wasn’t entirely. These changes of light forms occurred very rapidly and felt wonderfully normal in my higher state of consciousness. Moving up the column of light, I observed the infinity symbol or the vesica pisces above us. It was a light form and in my mind I wondered which it was. Sananda replied, “They are the same. Where the circles intersect is the Void. Surrender to the Void. All can embody the consciousness (not to be confused with vibration) of their highest possible self.”

As we passed that symbol of light I saw a spiral of light ahead of us that appeared to be in motion. Sananda spoke, “All is the spiral.” As we slowed and began to pass through the spiral on each side I saw manifestations of aspects of myself. They seemed to form unending lines along the spiral. I knew that these were all multidimensional and parallel aspects of myself having their own unique experience. There seemed to be thousands of them, more than I could ever count. I was in complete wonder and amazement as I took in the visual of all these aspects of me! I heard Sananda’s response to my thoughts. “Concepts must be experienced in order to know them. The One Creator cannot be experienced fully within a third dimensional form, only a very small amount and only somewhat conceptually.” We entered the Great Central Sun and I saw that other eagle lightbodies were joining us. We all began to connect, wing to wing, forming a large circle of eagle lightbodies. We became an eagle ball of light, swirling together in flight in a huge circle. Colored sparkles of light flew from our wings. Sananda spoke, “Find the eagles, you are all so loved. When 144,000 reach the consciousness of their highest self, Gaia can ascend.”

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