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The Seraphim Self-Sananda’s Eagles are the Angels

I called in my multidimensional selves and the Family of Light. My merkaba began to spin and then became an diamond of light. I found myself walking onto the starship Athena. Once I entered the boarding area, I noticed the inanimate astral bodies sitting in the waiting area. This was a common sight and I had come to understand that those that came to the starship took on higher dimensional aspects of themselves when they came here. My Pleidian self, Astaria, greeted me and we walked through a doorway of plasma light that led down the corridor. Suddenly I had the realization that my astral self couldn’t be the Me that just walked through the plasma light. I knew I had to be taking on a higher dimensional form. “Who am I?” I asked Astaria. She led me through a doorway to a room. Sananda stood in front of what appeared to be something similar to a mirror. “Come and look,” he said to me. I moved to the front of the mirror and saw a wispy lightbeing looking back at me. I recognized her from my first journey to the Great Central Sun. “This is who you become here when you are not merged with me.” Astaria said. I looked closely at myself in the mirror and her appearance became clearer. I was a female lightbeing that wore a light garment or robe of white. My hair was long and flowing and had a large lotus flower in it. Within the lotus flower was what appeared to be a pearl. There was a lotus flower over my heart area that had a pink diamond crystal within it and a pearl within the diamond. I recalled that she had given me this pink diamond to put in my heart on my first journey to the Great Central Sun. “What is my name?” I asked Astaria. “She does not have a name persay, but it may be translated into what would be “Lady of the Pearl,” Astaria replied. Astaria left the room and Sananda began to speak, “The lady of the pearl dwells in the Great Central Sun and beyond. This aspect of you oversees new souls coming into this universe that will never experience darkness. You, as well as many others were among the first with me to enter this galaxy. You are a creator and explorer soul. In this you have served the One well in that you have experienced the heights of exstacy and the depths of darkness. You and many that have a similar soul frequency have served on Gaia for many thousands of years. Many of my Eagles have served upon Gaia. Of the twelve rays, you are likened to Michael’s ray.” As I looked in the mirror I saw a six pointed blue star appearing in the center of my forehead. My merkaba began to spin and I realized we were moving.

Standing before Sananda, I became my eagle lightbody and we began moving up the column of light toward the Great Central Sun. As we entered together we continued to fly upward. As we flew my wings began to change and my eagle wings began to expand as did I. As we moved upward, I felt myself become an enormous Angelic being with several wings. Movement became effortless. We stopped and I felt myself as this huge angelic being before Sananda. Again I perceived a six pointed blue star in what would be my forehead area. “Seraphim, my eagle’s are the angels,” He said to me. “A minimum of 144,000 must embody their angelic self, their divine self on Gaia. There are many times that but not all will fully awaken. You are Mother/Father God and Mother/Father God is you. This was taken from the aspects of the angels on Gaia. There is no separation. It is required to love the ego self unconditionally as this aspect will not accept divine truths readily. The ego self is simply the voice of conditioning in the mind that has ruled for most soul’s incarnations. It is simply the voice within the mind. Heed it not.”

With that I returned to my three dimensional self with much to ponder.

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