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Birthed Into The Universe

I entered my meditative state and called in my multidimensional selves, higher self and any Ascended Masters or Angels that endeavored to join me. I was joined by my Pleidian self, six Arcturians including my Arcturian self and my Higher Self. My Higher Self appears to me as a large golden oval of light with flames surrounding the outside borders. An image came into view and I saw my Pleidian self aboard a starship and we were off on a mission in space. As a navigator I also used my intuitive gifts to navigate around potential problems. I sensed a draconian starship approaching that was not yet in view. I could feel that they would be upon us very quickly. I sent this telepathic message to my shipmates and at that moment the Draconian jumped into our position in space. At that same moment I sent a pulse of some kind of energy toward the Draconians. They came in so close and fast that the pulse was like their ship had hit a wall and threw them hurtling back. Intuitively, I knew I had killed their navigator that had found us with the blast. I felt a sadness and a heaviness of heart as it felt like we had been fighting a very long time…too long. The image faded and my Higher self stood before me. Standing next to me was a Pleidian male that felt like the other half of me. It felt like this reunion that I had waited for what seemed forever. We looked at each other and melted into each

other..our energies blending together into a knowing that we had come home to each other. It felt like perfection. As we melted into each other My Higher self began to burst into large flames and a white portal of light opened within its energy field. Feeling whole and light and joyful, I stepped into the white light portal.

My Higher Self began to speak to me, “the end of the darkness is coming. It is time to move into balance. This galaxy is moving into a new vibration of Unity and Love. We are an explorer soul. We have experienced the heights of exstacy and the depths of darkness. It is all one. Not all souls desire this experience.”

As I moved through the white light I began to feel rhythmic, undulating white plasma light gently pushing against the sides of me, moving me along what felt like a tunnel. Brilliant colors were swirling all around me and I gently felt I was being birthed. It is hard to put into words how wonderful it felt. Like soft waves of love guiding me through a canal of joyful dancing colors. It was really fun!

Soon I came to an end and emerged into what looked like a pretty empty universe except for the two golden beings of light that were waiting for me. They greeted me and watched me as I bounced and twirled about. I was a huge star of light! I felt the expansiveness, the creativity and endless possibilities of the universe. I wanted to create! The possibilities were exhilarating.

I flashed to another scene where I found myself in a form. My star of light had created a humanoid form. I had greyish blue skin, a roundish head, large dark eyes and toes and fingers. I felt myself on a planet and it appeared there was a lot of the color red. There seemed to be a huge red moon looming close over the horizon. There were others in form with me and we were creating celestial tones and melodies. Brilliant colors of light danced to the melodies. There was a symphony of beautiful sound and color. I felt the joy of creating in alignment with the Source I had been birthed from. I felt joy and a resounding sense of peace.

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