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Transforming With The Atma Meditation-Archangel Michael and Ashtar

As a foreword to this meditation and as to why I feel it was given to me to share is that the Atma represents our soul. The threefold flame of the soul sits on a ring of eight holes. These have been called, the eight cells of ascension. As I experienced through this journey with Archangel Michael and Ashtar, the eight cells of ascension and the eternal flame of our souls burns and transforms the chakras of the physical body. Once these are cleared and expanded, we may move into higher dimensional realities, unencumbered with karma or the past. In the end, we are just our lightbodies, our eternal soul and eternal consciousness. This is our natural state of being. We are only physically incarnate temporarily. At the end of this experience, I was simply my heart merkaba, a star of light spinning off the threefold flame colors of blue, pink and yellow. And that is all we are, unconditional lov

e, divine wisdom and multidimensional power.

I called in my multidimensional selves and the family of Light. I met a Lemurian self at the beginning of my journey and he told me his name was Drur and that he had resided in inner earth since the time of the Druids. Archangel Michael and Ashtar joined me. I had been contemplating my sword of light that I knew I had wielded for eons and asked Michael about it. He reminded me where it was, how to draw it and the words that were to be used to transform all forms of darkness. “It is the only weapon you need”, he told me. As I visualized and held my sword of light, I found myself moving it in the air as it created the infinity symbol. It wanted to move in a manner that formed the number eight-also known as the infinity symbol.

The merkaba in my mind began to spin rapidly and then my attention focused to the merkaba in my heart. As the merkaba in my heart spun, Ashtar stood behind me and shot me through the heart chakra with an arrow of golden light. The threefold flame appeared through my heart from back to front. The base ring with eight holes remained in the back of my heart chakra. I felt a slight pain as the arrow pierced my heart. The threefold flames of the Atma, the blue flame of divine wisdom, the pink flame of unconditional love and the yellow flame of multidimensional power were intertwining through my heart and flaming out the front. The flames focused through one hole in the base of the Atma and focused their united flames on my root chakra. My root chakra began to throb which I felt was odd since I usually felt my chakras spin. Archangel Michael spoke, “I ground to Gaia by my divine will.” As he spoke, I repeated what he told me in my mind. The atma then focused on the second hole in the ring and burned into my sacral chakra. Michael spoke, “I am now free from all that was the past.” I repeated what he said. The Atma threefold flame now focused on the third hole in the base ring and burned into my solar plexus chakra. My solar plexus chakra began to throb. Michael spoke, “I will to will thy will. My will is divine will.” I repeated this after he spoke it to me. The atma then focused through the fourth hole on the base and I felt the threefold flame burning in my heart. I felt a large rose expanding within my heart and could smell the scent of roses. “I love myself and others unconditionally,” Michael spoke. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I repeated his words. Ashtar then shot another arrow of light from behind me into my spiritual heart above my heart chakra. I felt the flames of the Atma burn through the fifth hole on it’s base and focus on my spiritual heart. “There is no pain here,” Ashtar said, “your spiritual heart is not of the physical body.” While the flames of the Atma burned through my spiritual heart, I felt myself become a white lotus flower with expanding petals. There was a pink crystal in the center where the Atma burned and the white petals began to flow and undulate as if they were wings. The Atma then focused through the sixth hole on the ring and burned through my throat chakra. My throat chakra began to expand and Michael spoke, “I am and I speak the truth.” My throat chakra expanded into a large, shy blue portal. Through the portal of blue sky I saw my starship, the Athena and then my sight went further to the Great Central Sun that shone as bright star ahead of me. My vision went beyond the Great Central Sun to a peaceful, still place that was the Void, the Core of All That Is. My attention was drawn back to the ring in the Atma and the Atma focused through the seventh and eigth hole in the base ring. As the flames of the Atma rose up to my third eye and crown chakra, an arc of light moved from my throat chakra into my third eye chakra where another arc of light connected to my crown chakra. Two arcs of light connected my throat, third eye and crown chakra. The arcs seemed to weave through my chakras, connecting them. As my higher chakras connected, my mind merkaba began to spin rapidly and my whole being became a star of light. At the top of myself near my head I felt a point of light. Outside my star of light appeared a ball of light that resembled a matrix that was circulating light up through my center and then down again like a waterfall of light. On the outside of this torus was a diamond matrix. I was no longer a physical body. I was a star of light within a torus field within a diamond matrix of light. I felt like a complex geometric pattern of light and it felt quite normal! As my star spun, I moved into another dimension and felt that I was floating in a peaceful space. I then became a circle of light with a single dot in the center. I was enjoying my geometry but was curious what this simplicity of form was. What am I now I asked? Michael spoke, “This is your nucleus in the center,” he replied. “You are a cell that makes up the universe.” This felt so right. I was my nucleus of consciousness within the circle of my soul. I floated through this wonderful space until I returned to my star tetrahedron form and found myself in the light of the Great Central Sun. I saw that I was floating in a column of light that emanated from the Great Central Sun. As I looked around, I felt other stars with me in the column of light. We expanded our star arms so that we resembled crosses of light. We touched our arms of light and grasped each other’s hands of light. A whole large group of us were connecting and holding hands. We began to play and giggle in our lightbodies that we had stretched into crosses. We played leapfrog over one another and laughed out loud. We were grounding the light of the Great Central Sun into Gaia’s core and as long as we were touching lightbodies we were all anchoring the energies so we made some fun of it! As we gazed below, Gaia’s core crystal began to glow with divine light and the light shot outward to her four cornerstone crystals. Her torus field began to glow around her and within that her heart torus began to glow too. On the outside of her torus field I viewed a diamond matrix forming around her, a huge grid that looked like it was formed out of diamond shapes of light, all connected. I felt immense joy and freedom.

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