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Enter the Void-The Stillpoint You Are So Much More Than You Know

I called in my Multidimensional selves and my Family of Light. I was feeling a weight of sadness that I wanted to transmute. Archangel Michael joined me as did St. Germaine, my Arcturian self and my Higher self that appears to me as an oblong golden flaming light. Usually I simply ask if there is anything that I need to know or share but I felt very heavy and asked for assistance. I spoke to them, “I wish to transmute this sadness. It feels like separation and there is a heavy weight of sadness on my shoulders. I have a yearning and a longing for Home that has been weighing me down since last evening.” They spoke to me, “Breathe in the higher light from the Great Central Sun through your heart and then breathe out the sadness.” The column of light from the Great Central Sun entered my crown chakra, passed through me and anchored in Gaia’s core. They spoke to me, “Do you feel the sadness and heaviness of Gaia’s heart? Do you feel her yearning to return home? The weight on Her shoulders? Your heart and Gaia’s heart are One.” I felt it.

Archangel Michael asked me to pull out my sword of light. I pulled it out and as I held it, it began to move in the figure of the infinity symbol. “Your sword of light you will use on your own heart and smite it with the great power of unconditional love and transmutation.” I turned my sword of light toward my heart and ran it through. St. Germaine reached out his hands to me and sent Violet Fire through my heart and I breathed it through with every inhale. Waves of Violet energy engulfed and moved through my body. The sadness began to transform and I felt lighter. St. Germaine spoke, “The Violet Fire emanates from the Heart and transforms all forms of darkness.” “Thankyou,” I replied to him.

Then I felt my Merkaba activate within my heart that burst into a diamond (octahedron) of light. Other forms of geometry formed outside of my diamond that I was within. A square appeared outside of my diamond of light and a golden grid appeared around that. Looking out at the grid around me I saw that it contained infinity signs and a grid of diamond shapes also formed it. It began to circulate around me. I noticed that I was still in the column of light of the Great Central Sun. I saw other beings in geometric forms like myself and we were all bringing light from the Great Central Sun into the core of Gaia. My Arcturian self spoke to me as I watched the other beings of light that were with me. “Many beings come in their sleep, some aware and some unaware that they are portal openers. Some come in pockets of No Time and from many varied places in order to bring in this high energy vibration to Gaia’s core and her core crystal.” “How do they access this portal?” I asked my Arcturian self. “They have the key within them as you do and if they ask and desire to open the portal to the Great Central Sun it will open for them as it did for you and this is part of their service as it is yours. These forms around you have the key within too. Often you come in your sleep and work with the portal as do many, many others.”

As my Arcturian self had been talking we instantly shifted to the Starship Athena. My Arcturian self continued to talk as we all gathered in a room on the starship. “Often you come back to your three dimensional body when you have been working here and with the portals. You awake and feel very tired and overwhelmed trying to adjust to the lower dimension. You have not yet brought your Multidimensional Mind into your awareness. Perceive it now and see the portal above your head and to the upper right. With your Multidimensional Mind, you can see us and you remain in both vibrations. Do you see us when you perceive it? Yes, you do. This you must keep in your conscious awareness while you are in your physical body. Now feel the core of Gaia, you are One. I felt a great sense of calm and serenity. I was both physical and multidimensional simultaneously.

My Higher Self moved toward me and I began to merge with it’s center as if I was walking through it. My Arcturian self continued, “Be aware that this is you and this is also your core or the void within.” I walked into the light and into the Void within my Higher Self. My Higher Self spoke as I saw myself as a Merkaba within a diamond of light. I saw a large golden infinity sign in front of me yet it had intersecting circles that created a space in the middle (vesica pisces?). “This intersect is the portal where you get off the roller coaster and enter the void. (I loved the roller coaster analogy because I love the thrill of roller coasters, yet who would want to ride it endlessly?) Higher Self continued, “In the void is everything and nothing. It is the center, the Stillpoint. It is the eye of the storm. The majestic buffalo on Earth face great storms. When the intense storms occur, they turn to face them and then enter the great Void within, inside of them where there is everything and nothing. You can let any storm pass through you, feel it and experience it or, you step into the void which is the stillness, the eye of the storm and you are not affected.” I saw a vision in front of me of a white buffalo. Higher self continued, “Within me, feel the void within you.” I focused on my center and seemed to open wide as if I was cracked in the middle from my solar plexus up to my crown chakra. I stepped into the void within myself, within my Higher Self. There was complete silence and complete stillness. It held the potential of everything yet there was nothing. There was complete peace.

The peace and darkness began to become illuminated in front of me. A portal appeared ahead of me. It became very bright with a light that I have never seen and within this light I saw swirling and dancing brilliant colors. I moved forward to the edge of the portal and stepped in a bit. I felt as if I was becoming a swirling color of light and turned quickly back to my multidimensional selves and Family of Light. “Will I be lost?” I asked. “No you will not, we are with you.” Reassured, I stood where I was and took in the contrast that appeared out of the stillness. I blended with the swirling colors and felt like everything and nothing at the same time. All the creative potential seemed to emanate from this place. I heard a lovely melody but it was as if I couldn’t turn up the volume to hear it clearly. They reminded me that “I had heard it before and will hear it again.” I simply was. I was light, color and sound. They said to me, “There is nothing to do, nothing to be, You just Are.”

I began to feel a pull from my multidimensional selves and Family of Light. We seemed to come out of another portal and back into the room on the starship. I was escorted back by my Higher Self, St. Germaine, my Arcturian self and my Higher Self. We entered the room on the starship and I looked down upon my astral body on a table. My other multidimensional selves were watching over it. ‘Why am I there?” I thought. In unison they answered, “that part of you cannot travel in these vibrations and frequencies.” I realized that I was enormous as we all were. “There’s no way that I can get back into that,” I thought. But I knew that somehow I had to get myself back into it. I felt that I was twenty times the size of that small, fraile looking aspect of me lying on the table. I headed toward it and squished and squished and somehow got my enormous self back into my astral body. “This is a very tight earthsuit!” I exclaimed.

As I lied on the table and acclimated back into my astral body they began to speak, ‘there are not two strands of DNA but twelve.” As they spoke above my head, my Merkaba began to spin within my head and I could feel strands of spirals of DNA wrapping around my Merkaba and filtering down into my body. They spoke their parting words. “When you return, Remember the Void within as well as your Multidimensional Mind.” With that I left the starship and returned to my physical body.

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