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How Do I recognize Incoming Higher Dimensional Messages?

How do I recognize incoming higher dimensional messages? Spirit will put a thought in my head and I hear it. They will speak to me before falling asleep. I will dream of it. One morning I woke up and remembered I was on the starship monitoring and working with the navigation panels. My crown chakra tingles and I feel Light Beings near me. The best way for me to get information is to take a bath. When I feel called to, and I've done this for many years, I take a bath with epsom salt and apple cider vinegar. I call in my guides (multidimensional selves, my Pleidian self, Arcturian self, Draconian self, Zeta self, Lemurian self etc and my twin flame Pleidian self on the starship), my Higher Self, and any other higher beings or masters that want to join me. i have a protective technique to create an astral bubble around me so that no other entities can influence me. Then when I see all that have arrived, i ask them what I need to understand. Sometimes I will present a question before this if there is something I really want to know. Usually though I simply trust Spirit and ask what it is that I need to understand. There is always something that I need to know so they take me on a "journey" usually to see or understand what is happening or to impart higher knowledge. I've always been psychic and journeying has never been difficult for me but since remembering my mission to serve Gaia my journeys are very vivid and far out for sure.

How do I integrate these into my life? Since remembering my 5D self is Pleidian and on a starship in the 5th dimension in this galaxy, I have been integrating new information daily. It just keeps coming and coming. It is ALOT to integrate in a 3D mind. A month after I had a session with Sue and remembered crashing my starship on Earth long long ago I began to question if I was insane but fortunate for me I had just met my boyfriend who is also on my starship and we were experiencing the same things...long story there. But it is fortunate that I at least have someone that knows this is real too as it so expansive and Big that I believe it is natural for the conditioned 3D mind to question what is real. Cognitive Dissonance I believe is a normal reaction initially to the realities that can feel so immense and contrary to lives of conditioning in 3D. Interestingly, when I journey in my consciousness, the larger experience seems quite normal and I have an awareness that I am simply remembering what I already know. It is not as if I’m learning something new that requires extraordinary effort at all.

How do I document? When I hear information I write things down as soon as I can. When I go on a long journey, I write it all down as soon as I come back to 3D consciousness because it begins to fade fast. I have a notebook full of notes and I feel that I’ve just begun. I type it when there are several messages and I don’t enjoy typing but it is much more pleasant if I type out the messages and information every couple meditation and journeys.

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