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First Journey to the Great Central Sun

I got myself in my meditative state and prepared for my journey. I called in my multidimensional selves and any of my Family of Light that wished to join me. Archangel Michael appeared along with my multidimensional selves. My Merkaba began to spin in the middle of my mind and then burst into a diamond of light. My mind felt filled with light. The triangle of light in my heart and high heart merged and I then felt my heart tetrahedron begin to spin. This also bust into a diamond of light. The diamond expanded and I became a Diamond of light that I was within and which was me. My Arcturian self spoke to me and said, “you are a portal opener and you can speak these words, I open the portal of the Great Central Sun.” I spoke the words and above my head that was the top of my diamond light body I saw very bright blinding light that looked like a sun. I felt myself being pulled up toward this huge sphere was blindingly bright. My Arcturian self and Archangel Michael were with me so I trusted where I was headed although for a second I had a very human thought that it was perhaps not wise to be this close to a sun. In response to my thought, they replied, “there is nothing to fear, you are in your Merkaba.” I began to move quickly with them and passed a being that briefly aknowledged us and I knew was a gatekeeper of this sun. After a moment of very intense light, we were through and within the sun.

The light had been so intense that it appeared very dark for a moment and my vision was not clear. As my vision returned, I began to look around me and saw multitudes of beings of light around me. They were very wispy and not very solid. It was difficult to make out their forms. I felt very light myself and as I took in the beauty and love vibration I was feeling within this sun, I realized that this sun was composed of beings of light…they were actually forming it. It had a multidimensional feel and it felt like many higher dimensions could be accessed from here. As I began to feel the pure love around and within me I felt a complete sense of awe and joy. I began to hear a song…a melody that was ethereal and unlike any song I had heard. I tried to hum it as it was beautiful I somehow wanted to remember it. As my Arcturian self and Archangel Michael stayed close, a wispy being of light approached me. I was enjoying the sense of belonging here and it felt that this being was a female and I was anxious to speak to it. I began to introduce myself…it replied abruptly and said, “I know who you are, you are Me and I am You.” I looked at this wispy light form and thought oh yes well this must be my higher self. My higher self usually looks like a large oval of golden light that is flaming and I thought perhaps this environment was making my higher self look more wispy and ethereal like everything else here. “I’m so happy”, I replied to her. She held out her wispy arm of light and within her hand she held a pink diamond shaped crystal. “where should I keep it?” I asked. I was in my Merkaba and I wasn’t sure where to hold it. As she reached closer to me she said, “you will keep it in your heart and you will use it for your journey home, it will be activated when needed.” She placed the pink diamond crystal within my heart. I felt deep gratitude for this gift and I thanked her. She then reached out with her other wispy light arm and held out a clear diamond shaped crystal. She put it in my hand and said, “This you will also store in your heart. You will use it to open Earth’s portals, it is within you and you just need to put it down when you need it.” With that, she drifted away into the Great Central Sun and out of view. I brought my attention back to my Arcturian self and Archangel Michael and told them that I felt such joy being there with them. I had a brief thought flash through my mind as to whether Michael was Arcturian in some way as I had been reacquainted with him on the Arcturian starship and he always seemed to be with my Arcturian self. In response to my thought he replied, “I am not Arcturian by name yet we are One. We are focused like many on the same endeavor. You are doing very well my dear.”

The energy seemed to be rising from within the Great Central Sun and a portal opened in front of me. I felt filled with love and joy. My Merkaba shifted into my eagle lightbody and I seemed to know exactly where I was going. I flew out the portal in my eagle lightbody and entered the column of light that led out of it. I flew at top speed to the body of Earth below me and entered a portal directly into her body. I felt the great beings of light from the Great Central Sun sending pulses of divine light and energy into the column of light that I was within. I entered the core of Earth and stood before her center crystal that appeared to be a diamond shaped crystal like the one I now carried within my heart. I felt such deep love for Her and pulled as much love and divine light as I could from within myself and the Great Central Sun and directed it toward her heart, her core crystal.

As I directed this love toward her heart crystal, I heard a voice speak to me. A woman’s voice spoke that had a melody as soft as the wind. “Thankyou for coming,” she said. I looked to the left of the crystal and saw a being that glowed with light, it was a woman with eyes of golden light and a dark skin that appeared to be made of earth. Her hair was windblown and filled with vines. She seemed to have wings and a dress of a green color that does not quite exist in our color spectrum. I knew this being and I bowed to Her. “Beloved Gaia,” I spoke, “You are free to be the Star that you are. I love you.”

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