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Reuniting with Archangel Michael On the Starship Athena and My Eagle Lightbody

I called in my multidimensional selves and family of Light prior to my mediation journey. I felt the Merkaba in my mind spin as cosmic light entered my crown chakra. The cosmic light seemed to cause my Merkaba to spin at what felt like light speed and it became a diamond of light within my head. The cosmic light flowed down through my body and into the core crystal of Gaia. From here, the cosmic light shot back up into my heart Merkaba and this also began to spin rapidly. My heart Merkaba felt as a diamond of light. At that moment, the diamond in my heart expanded and the two outer horizontal points of the diamond became wings. I felt my Eagle Self and my eagle wings and I took flight upward through the astral planes. My multidimensional selves stayed with me as I “tested” my wings with lightbody aerial feats! I flew up and edged down quickly. I flew in a huge circle, upside down to right side up in perfect form. My multidimensional selves watched as I played and flew.

After some fun, they urged me upward and I followed, looking down at Gaia as I glided upward with the vision of an eagle. Gaia looked so beautiful from above and I observed a new golden grid of light forming around Her above the old one that appeared to be dark and old and separating from it’s seams. I observed the core crystal in the center of the four cornerstone crystals within Her. I saw a diamond of light connecting the the four cornerstone crystals in the north, south, east and west. I had a realization that Gaia’s diamond of light was the same as the diamond in my heart and mind.

My multidimensional selves urged me on and we moved past the lower fourth dimensions into the higher planes. I paused in the highest planes to take in the beauty there. As I looked below, I saw what looked like Greek architecture, flowering gardens, waterfalls and sculpture. Beings of light were teaching what looked like schools of souls in various groups and settings. As I looked above, I sensed we were approaching the top of the upper fourth dimension and I wondered what would happen at the top that felt like a ceiling. Whooosh I flew through with my multidimensional selves and ahead of me I saw the Athena. My starship Home.

My Pleidian self spoke to me, “This is your planetary self, this lightbody.” She was referring to my eagle self and in my mind I replied. “Oh yes it is.” I was so enjoying my eagle lightbody and the joy of flying free. I focused my inner vision on the Athena since when traveling in my Merkaba, I did not move in this manner through the dimensions as I was experiencing on this grand tour. I set my intention to view the Athena as clearly as I could while approaching. As I flew closer, I perceived it a huge Orb of light. A set of what looked like windows were set in the middle of the huge Orb and made a complete circle around the massive starship. It had a ring like the planet Saturn around it horizontally as well as a vertical ring around it. I thought to myself that it looked like an orbiting planet of light. The circle or Orb shape was not what I had expected at all. I felt a bit mystified at the outside façade and wondered briefly how an Orb could efficiently move through space.

Behind my multidimensional selves that were already aboard, I boarded the starship through the entryway and headed down the corridor that was now quite familiar to me. Seeing my Pleidian self ahead, I glided down the corridor toward her. I went to touch the organic and living walls of the starship and had momentarily forgotten that I was in a lightbody. My wings went right through. I chuckled to myself. I entered the command center behind my Pleidian self and headed across the large room to join my Pleidian self at the navigation site. As I glided through, I took notice of various beings at work with their respective tasks. I noticed a large black spider being and also a large mantis being. As I continued to glide across the room, I heard a roar of laughter come up from the beings in the command center. As I looked down at myself, I realized that I was very reluctant to give up my eagle lightbody and I was shifting back and forth from one form to another. I felt silly for a moment and laughed out loud too. They were enjoying my antics.

Joining Astaria at the navigation center I began to ask several questions regarding what we do on the starship. I wanted to know what we did and how we did it. I felt a download of information from her and my mind seemed to be full of more images and scenes than I could process. “We watch and monitor the comings and goings of galactics into this system, we monitor Earth and communicate necessary information to our planet and to the other starships and we work with Ashtar Command and on and on…” As this download of information attempted to be processed by me, a huge flash of light with a huge blue aura flashed into being directly in front of me. The light was of such an immense vibration with such purity of divine love and force of divine power that I felt an immediate urge to drop to my knees. All in this instant I saw the starship expand to contain His divine energy and He immediately spoke as I went to drop to my knees. Archangel Michael spoke to me, “No need, We Are One.” With that, I tried with great effort due to the immensity of His vibration to stay on whatever feet I had in order to stand with some semblance of honor and respect before Him. As I summoned all my energy to remain standing, He spoke several other sentences to me. I do not recall these and was only able to hear the last few words before He left as suddenly as He appeared. “Thankyou for your service,” He said. Then He was gone and the starship resumed it’s original size. I felt incredibly honored and frankly amazed that He would even appear and speak to me. Since I was feeling a bit thrown, Astaria led me to a room back down the corridor. I followed her in silence. We entered a very dark room and I stood beside her in the darkness. She said, “This is where we recharge and connect with All That Is.” A bright circle of light began to glow bright in the darkness of the room. It began to expand outward and Astaria began to move toward the light and seemed drawn like a magnet to the love and compassion emanating from the All.

I began to feel a pull back and realized that I needed to head back to my physical body. With that thought I found myself in flight again in my eagle lightbody, heading down through the fourth dimension. I gain slowed at the higher planes and took a moment to glide across the upper plane and across the landscape of ethereal light and beautiful buildings and beings of light teaching their classes. I was aware that they too were viewing me as some looked up and nodded in aknowledgement. I then headed straight down in my eagle planetary lightbody. As I headed straight down, I could feel what I can only describe as dark pieces of slime sticking to me. I would slow occasionally and shake myself to remove it. As I neared the lower fourth dimension, I viewed squiggles of dark light floating about in front of me. I seemed to feel that these were dark thoughtforms and I pulled back my wings and thrust out my eagle chest of light and blasted one with a beam of love light that came from the center of my being. As I did this I saw the dark form burst into a spark of white light and disappear.

Blessings to All and to Beloved Gaia.

Pull out your wings and fly free with the love and light of transformation.

As a postscript to this journey, I would like to add some background information. A couple of weeks prior to this journey I was meditating and had a vision of a Being that had a human body but the head and wings of a huge eagle. This eagle being merged with me during this mediation and I felt that it was an aspect of me due to the experience. It was surrounded by bright light. I did not understand the significance of the experience until this journey. Also, for many years prior to this journey, I had had visions of Archangel Michael handing me a sword of light. On occasion I would get words associated with the gesture such as “warrior of love”, “warrior for peace”, “transform the darkness”. I thought at these times that He was referring to my inner personal work of clearing out the darkness within myself. Perhaps He was, I have not asked Him that. I have since remembered being in service to the “Legion of Blue” for many eons as my Pleidian self and my love and dedication for Archangel Michael as well as my trust in Him is limitless.

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