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Sananda speaks from the Great Central Sun

I entered my meditative state and my Merkaba activated. Sananda immediately appeared before me with his loving gaze. He reached out his hands in a gesture of “Come,” and we emerged together in the Great Central Sun. As I took on the form of my seraphim self, Sananda stood before me. “The angelics must remember themselves, awaken them.” (this message has been coming from Sananda since the beginning of the summer of 2016 and as He reacquainted me with my angelic self I found myself baffled and quite frankly resistant to this aspect of myself. Although I have met many multidimensional aspects of me, this was probably the last one that I personally could have imagined and it has stretched my concept of “self “ to the maximum. My ego does not want to cooperate with what I know is true.) “They anchor the blueprint of fifth dimensional and beyond Earth.” He continued. “May I ask what kinds of angels you would like to awaken?” I asked. “There are Seraphim, Cherubim, Earth Angels and there are even Angelics from other universes that have answered the call to anchor the divine cosmic rays on Gaia. The diversity of Galactics and Angelics incarnating for the ascension of Gaia is such that has never been seen in the ascension of a planet. The volunteers came from this universe and beyond to answer the call of the One.”

“The Angelics and Galactics from other universes that volunteered were given Earth memories to assist with their assimilation yet these beings of light had never fragmented from the One and many had never descended into the realm of darkness before. Many could only stay for a limited time in such darkness and separation as the experience was truly unbearable for them. These volunteers suffered greatly with depression and loneliness. Have no judgment on these Galactic and Angelic beings that exited early. By early I mean that they stayed on Gaia only as long as it took to fulfill their agreement to anchor the divine cosmic energies. They were not required to stay for what you perceive as a full life.”

As Sananda was speaking, a very large circle of Angelics, light beings and Quextacoatl were gathering around me. Sananda moved to the center of the huge circle that was forming and a group of Angelics and light beings appeared in the inner circle. I understood that these beings were returning from Gaia and had completed their service. All focus turned to this inner group of beings. Sananda spoke, “We all bow to your service to Gaia and the One Creator. We honor your service of anchoring the divine and cosmic energies and the blueprint of the higher dimensions. We bow to you, great Angelics and Galactics that have served from your respective universes.” All in attendance, including myself bowed to the beings of pure light that glowed with the radiance and purity of love. Reverance and gratitude filled the space. I knew that they were returning to wherever their home was.

Sananda turned to me and spoke again, “There will be those that are exiting early and I say this that you may not look upon this as an aspect of the apparent chaos on Gaia. All is in divine order and the illusion of chaos will precede order. Remain aligned with us and your Highest Self and know all is well. To my beloved cosmic elders that serve within the darkness on Gaia and to All those that would receive it, I offer the gift of the Golden Christed Ray to take within your hearts. I offer this ray of perfect and unconditional love, harmony and grace within to all that would receive it. Go within your heart. Ask and intend that this be received and accept it within your hearts. As was mentioned previously, Gaia will become again the playground of the Angelics, Galactics and the higher beings that will experience and contribute their knowledge and gifts. So be it.”

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