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Greetings from the Athena Starship-Angelic Selves

Greetings from the Athena Starship

Last evening before bed I intended a short meditation to center myself. Sananda, Ashtar and AA Michael came into my awareness and we were off to the starship. We went to what appeared a very dark room and a large portal opened where we could view Gaia in all her beauty. i looked at Gaia and observed the beautiful grid of light that looks to me like the flower of life but also appears to have many multidimensional layers. Sananda spoke, “look at the grounded ones that have embodies their angelic selves, their Creator selves”. I looked and saw some clusters of rainbows of light extending out. “This is a divine plan, that those that have angelic multidimensional aspects join with them on Gaia." "Now find yourself". I did and saw my rainbow rays extending far out from Gaia. "Do you see how few there are?" (Considering the population of Earth, they were relatively few). So those that have angelic selves need to embody them? I asked. "Yes, this was part of their agreement." "These grounded ones agreed to embody their aspects of the Creator on Earth." This isn't the only plan, I asked? (sometimes I crack myself up with the things I ask). I started to receive a huge download and these are difficult to put into words. I need the cliffnotes version I said. "The variables are continually changing and in these infinite variables are infinite plans in motion". Ok!

In front of us, Archangel Michael projected a huge diamond with rainbow rays emanating from it (an octahedron)..This transformed into a huge faceted 12 sided crystal (dodecahedron?) that emanated 12 rays of rainbow light. I felt these crystals attach to my DNA, through my bones, muscles and bloodstream. " The diamond matrix is forming and the bodies are becoming crystalline". I fell asleep after this.

This morning I woke up with a record playing in my head..."EXIT THE MATRIX". All morning over and over and over. I finally sat down and shifted my consciousness. Ok, family of light, what does this mean? "Anchor the highest aspect of your multidimensional self. Move into the Heart and Mind of Source. Those whose angelic selves came from the omniverse are awaiting in joy to to connect to those grounded ones that are the blueprint for Gaia. This is the blueprint of love, compassion, pure creation, trust, eternal bliss and unity."

How can that be done I asked? (I have been working with my Seraphim self in my meditations for some time but thought this would be helpful for the angelics). "Go into your sacred space in the way that is correct for you. Ask that your angelic self join you and state it is your intent to become One. The angelic self in it's Oneness with Source will accomplish the rest with you. Ask, invite and intend that this is so"

I was also asked to share Merlin's message from one of my journeys...I was listening to a guided meditation and there was a long silence so I drifted off in my merkaba to have a little fun..I "think" myself somewhere and I'm there. I popped into the starship and said hello, I popped back out into the cosmos and found myself in front of Merlin..I greeted him and he was laughing and laughing which made me chuckle too. "We are victorious!" he said to me and he laughed with joy. I knew we were speaking from another timeline and we both laughed. "Of course we are!"

We've got this! Blessings and joy!

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