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Greetings From the Athena Starship- Seraphim Incarnated

Greetings from the Athena Starship! For those who aren't familiar with me , as part of my mission it was requested that i bring information as it it given form the Great Central Sun in the center of this galaxy and the Athena Starship where my Pleidian and Arcturian selves reside. My journey last evening brought me to the starship. I greeted my Pleidian self, Astaria and found myself as one with her standing in the center of a very large table that is the shape of a donut. A council of 12 sat at the outer edges of the table, a galactic council of many star nations. Information began to flow from one to another . As my Pleidian self and I stood in the center I began to expand with golden light. The edges of my Pleidian self began to dissolve and the room expanded. i became enormous and large wings unfolded and spread out. "It is time Now for the Seraphim to awaken on Gaia and for the rays of Mother/Father God to be manifest". All around me, most members of the council embodied Seraphim. The room began to emanate a brilliant golden light. The Arcturians formed a circle around the inside of the table and my Arcturian self stood before me. Arcturians and Seraphim bowed to one another and a great applause and joy spread through the room. Masters of light, Sananda and Archangels appeared at the edges of the room. They seemed to speak as one telepathically, "the grounded ones that embody the Seraphim are well over 500,000. Many have become lost in the illusion and strife of separation. A minimum of 144,000 are required to awaken and anchor the energy and rays of Mother/Father God". Sananda spoke, "the grounded Seraphim have known themselves as my planetary Eagles, have had visions and /or seen images of great winged beings in an endeavor to awaken them to their true selves. Gratitude to them as they brought the codes of their Seraphim selves with them. The realm of separation from the Creator has been greatly challenging to them. The etheric shield of the Seraphim that has protected their vulnerable wings will now be removed." Archangel Michael approached me from the back as the Masters and Archangels approached the others. I perceived a square of what looked like dark iron secured by etheric ties. The etheric shields were removed from all the Seraphim. Gold, white, green, blue, pink, yellow, violet rays of light engulfed the room as the Seraphim's rays of light streamed outward and to Gaia. Gaia began to glow like the Aurora Borealis, with rays of various colors mixing and dancing around her. My wings began to beat in a rhythmic flow. Donut shaped pulses of golden light bombarded my third eye as did colors and symbols. I started to feel a pain in my third eye and my head felt as though it was expanding to it's maximum capacity. The lightshow again roused great applause and joy form the starship. The Masters and Archangels spoke, "Many of the grounded ones have already perceived their wings and the codes of the Seraphim have been activated. We ask that you anchor the divine rays and the Mother/Father God vibration that is the essence of the Seraphim to the extent that you are able. Your seraphim selves have come from the omniverse to answer the call of the Creator which they have served always. Embrace the glory, joy and purity of the Creator that You Are." Well fellow lightbeings, spread your wings and fly! In much love and blessings to all and to Gaia

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