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Meeting My Arcturian Self

Remembering my Pleidian self brought to me a sense of comfort, peace and freedom that I had never truly felt. I spent my meditations getting to know her and reconnecting with her. I came to realize that my Merkaba was a light vehicle that allowed me to travel in my consciousness to the Athena starship with relative ease. During this wonderful period of awakening I was attending Sue Lie’s advanced Arcturian lecture series online. I so resonated with the Arcturians and I delighted at being in their energy. During the first online webinar, I realized when the Arcturians began taking us through an exercise that I knew what we were going to do before we did it as I had experienced the same thing in my meditation the previous evening. I found this fascinating and even quite fun as I felt such such love and joy being in the presence of these very evolved beings of light. Working with them, I could begin to feel the kundalini rising up my spine and I felt large amounts of energy coming through my crown chakra. As the second webinar I attended online began, I observed myself actually working with them and initiating the exercises they were leading us to do as again, I had experienced the whole webinar in my meditation the night before. I thought perhaps their high vibration was amplifying my psychic abilities as whenever I attended these webinars I could feel them in a circle around me in my room. This time though, I could clearly see that I was Part of the circle and at one point was already beginning to perform an exercise that they had not told us yet. I was putting down a crystal in the circle with them and opening a portal into Gaia. When the webinar ended, I began to think that perhaps they were allowing me to assist them. I sent them love and gratitude as it certainly was an honor.

Later that evening, I felt called to my bathtub. For many years I have experienced some of my most profound and expansive meditations in my bathtub. The element of water is like a salve to me, my body relaxes and my mind becomes quiet. Beginning my mediation, I requested assistance from my Higher Self and from Mother/Father God in dealing with my shadow side. As mentioned in my intro, I am very aware of my shadow self and she was causing me distress with her negativity. The Arcturians appeared and formed a circle around me as did my Higher Self. I perceived myself to be in a pyramid. It had a heavy, musty smell and reminded me of the Giza Egypt pyramids. With the Arcturians around me, I observed a light come down through a portal in the top of the pyramid, enter my crown chakra and pass through me into the Earth. In that moment, I became a body of white light without physical boundaries. The Arcturians approached and leaned toward me. The Arcturians in the front of me, there were four in the front of me and four in the back, leaned out and pulled my shadow self side out so that she was standing in front of me. The Arcturians sent a violet flame of transmutation blazing through me and through my shadow side. We were engulfed in violet flame. I felt them send love through all my chakras from behind and the light surrounded my shadow self. She fell to the floor on her knees and began to cry. Images of past lives flashed like pages flipping through my consciousness. “The violet flame of transmutation transmutes all darkness and all the darkness of your past. You must first forgive yourself and have compassion for the darkness”, they said. The light emanating from the top of the pyramid began to feel like plasma liquid light moving through me and into the Earth. I saw a vision of fifth dimensional Earth. There was a beautiful pure light from the sun that appeared so clean and clear and crisp as if the air had been ultra purified. Several beings in lightbodies moved about me, performing various tasks and emanating a sense of unity, love and harmony, as if each being was doing exactly what they loved to do. It was a lovely sight. As I glanced around, the Arcturians had stepped back into their circle around me. The one directly in front of me stepped to the side to create a space in the circle and reached out it’s arm of light to me. “Come and take your place Arcturian”, it said to me. A knowing arose in me. Honored, I took my spot. They bowed to me and I bowed to them in return.

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