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Quetzalcoatl Speaks from the Great Central Sun- Expansiveness is your True Nature

“Dear Creator Beings, We bid you greetings from the Great Central Sun. We are the Quetzalcoatl. Our names are the songs of our essence yet you may call me by the name Quetzalcoatl in the singular although it is indeed plural. We were, when we assumed physical form Sirian, Lyran, Pleiadian hybrids. We have a long history. Winged serpents of the most high. We again bring news of the Creator beings that you are and although many of humanity see us as myth and folklore of the Mayan and Yucatan peninsula, We are indeed one of those that arrived long ago to your planet to impart wisdom. We assisted in piercing the veil and bringing divine knowledge to those that We lovingly guided. Those that We taught were indeed extensions of our multidimensional being and called out for the wisdom and inner power they knew was within them yet had forgotten how to access. We taught what many of your galactic family now impart to you. We taught that You are the consciousness of love in the physical form.”

“Your planet at that time when We arrived was experiencing a division as galac

tics had arrived that were of many differing levels of consciousness on the journey back to the One. Our multidimensional counterparts (aspects of us in the 3rd dimension) in the physical did not have as an agreement with our Higher Selves to experience the next phase of duality upon your planet. Therefore We provided the tools for ascending to a higher dimensional experience. We assisted them to elevate their consciousness and rapidly shift-within a few generations. We would clarify that this is simply a choice of the Soul or higher Self and as such We would not define it, positive or negative.”

“Some of our ascended lineage have returned at this time and now reside in the physical. They carry the knowledge of the wisdom and power of love complete in their memories within them. For our hybrid lineage of Sirian, Lyran, Pleiadian heritage We acknowledge the inner struggle of attempting to reconcile what is known within you with what appears to be heavy, dense slowness of the third dimensional experience. Our multidimensional counterparts are very accustomed to the experience on inner space, the feeling of expansiveness and of the potential of all possibilities existing within the Now. This is the natural and eternal state of your being, human creators. Ease…Joy…expansiveness. The constriction and perception of lack of freedom is what We see most of humanity experiencing. In this We give you a remembrance of the Immensity of your true being. To begin, this tiny portion of your immense being is incredibly larger and more expansive than your imagination can fathom. And this is just this tiny fragment of your being. Infinite expansion of your being is what we bring to you in this moment. As you breathe in, surround yourself in a circle of rainbow colors, perhaps as all the human chakra colors. Imagine them combining in intertwining rings in a circle around you. As you breathe in, expand the circle with love for Yourself, then in the next breath expand the circle of color and extend love for your planet, then for all that are truly extensions of yourself..nothing is separate from you. Breathe in the love and acceptance for all as you expand your circle of colors. Breathe in the love and acceptance for the light and for the dark…breathe it deeply into your heart. Without the contrast this experience would not be possible. As you continue breathing in, allow this unconditional love and acceptance to continue expanding outward..expanding all of your cells in your body away from each other. What is your experience Now? You have forgotten that you are powerful energetic Beings and in the constricted state you have created the illusion of being small. You are anything but small. With the power of your consciousness expand your love outward so that each cell of your physical body becomes a Star in the Cosmos and you feel immense space with no physical boundaries whatsoever. Whatever happens in this Now of your experience is your own perfect experience of Your Being. You are not a physical body, it is only a millisecond of experience as the eternal Oneness of Our combined experience. Breathe in this knowing-this Freedom and loving acceptance of All. This is your true nature. Release the fear of the unknown and embrace all the possibilities of this Now within you. In your state of expansiveness, you may become, create or experience Anything that you desire without judgement. Release any judgment or expectation. It is this expansiveness that is your true nature. Fly with Us galactic brothers and sisters, We await you with open wings and hearts.”


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