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The 9 th Dimensional Arcturians from the Athena Lightship- All Resides Always Within

My consciousness merkaba spun in what feels like the center of my mind where the 3 rd

eye resides. I recalled this activation of my consciousness travel vehicle as various

colored triangles of light entered my crown and 3 rd eye chakras during meditations. I

marveled at our many capacities that lie within as I floated within my consciousness to

the waiting room within the Athena lightship. Here sit the astral bodies of various beings,

many human as they have their higher dimensional experiences during sleep and perhaps


My higher dimensional Arcturian aspect greeted me in the waiting room and I followed

him through the plasma doorway to enter a room on the right. Within this room we sat

together on a bench and as I looked around, a lush tropical garden appeared all around us.

The flora was familiar yet some was unfamiliar in that its origins were not of Gaia. I felt

he had created this haven for me and I was grateful as the plants and flowers and trees

brought me a feeling of deep peace. Other Arcturians appeared in their golden, white

lightbodies and formed a circle around me. Then, in the blink of an eye we were on

Arcturus. There was reddish-pink glow and in another flash we were in the Crystal

complex that I recalled from previous journeys. The room was lit by an unseen light

source. I sat quietly, ready for them to begin.

“Dear Ones, we will speak to you from Arcturus in this now. Many planets including

ours have existence and dimensional experiences within the planet. Many planets do not

have an outward inhabitation even of what you would call lifeforms..they exist within.

This is a common occurrence within the galaxy and also occurs within your solar system

and within your planet Gaia. There is so much life within. There is an inner life within

planets. We will use this metaphor as We like it and we will extend the concept to the

Self. Dear Ones, you have five senses in order in order to experience fully and truly the

illusion of Separation. The five senses make the experience quite real and convincing to

you. Many of you our dear family and loved ones shift in and out of your 3 rd dimensional

awareness in to the 4 th and even 5 th in those moments and vibration of beauty, peace and

love. This is an inner experience and then you find yourselves pulled back into the

seemingly true reality of Separation. You forget and you feel alone and confused and

then are often very hard on yourselves. We understand the power of fear and it’s many

patterns and replays in the human mind.

Yet there is Nothing outside of you. Nothing Dear Ones. Every experience is a reflection

of your current state of being, your current state of consciousness. If another is reflecting

back to you disappointment for example then it exists Within you. Simply acknowledge

and thank the reflection. Honor this reflection as it is reflecting You back to you.

Acknowledge this reflection Within yourself, this pattern, this belief and then you are

free to Choose another belief, feeling, pattern of your choice which takes you into

another, higher state of consciousness, a higher state of thought and feeling. The ultimate

higher state would be Self Love and that awareness. In this is the mastery. You being

your true self. You are a child of the One Creator experiencing itself. In this reflection of

course are various thoughts and patterns around separation and often the remembrance of

the illusion of abandonment of the One Creator. It is the grand illusion and you have the

awareness that it has been chosen to Now end. The experience has expanded creation and

may Now be released as the false belief that it was. You may even declare to yourselves

as a mantra, “I now release separation. I am home.”

Everything is Within you Dear ones and in this practice of going within each day, of

centering yourselves and finding the place within where You and the One reside, the

divine self, the divine child, you reconnect to that which was always there and you trust

that truth, you thank illusion, you thank fear, yet you no longer choose that vibration or

that consciousness. We await you Within Dear Ones and as your cosmic family we assure

you that We may always be found Within as that is the place where All, the Universe, the

Creator and Yourself reside. Enjoy your physical experience as it is sacred, it was created

for you, yet remember where you reside and where your truth resides-Always Within. We

love you Dear Ones.”

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