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The 9th Dimensional Arcturians- You Are The Collective, Fall Equinox Greetings Dear Ones

My consciousness merkaba activated and before me were the lightbeings of the 9th dimensional Arcturians. I have never seen them in a physical form and from my understanding from my Arcturian multidimensional aspect they no longer enjoy or require a form. I see them as golden oval orbs and when they speak as the 9th dimensional group I always see several of them together. They emanate a powerful yet gentle purity of vibration. I had already been feeling the beginning of a download of information so they quickly began. As I moved within myself and settled before them they began their message.

“Dear Ones, We are the 9th dimensional Arcturians and we are pleased to communicate with you. The Fall Equinox heralds a progression of cosmic and divine rays from the One, the Great Central Sun on an elevated frequency. This increasing frequency may elicit an ungrounded feeling as if you are rapidly shifting between the 3D and higher frequencies and then back again without warning. It will benefit you to ground if this is so for your individual Beingness. The Human Collective, of which You Are eternally on a higher perspective and also from a microcosmic planetary perspective is experiencing a high vibration of chaos. Chaos is the precursor for change-in the chaos arises a new sublime order-for the Human Collective and your Mother Gaia.”

“As One with the Collective, it is so that you are able to elicit shifts in consciousness the likes that have not yet been experienced upon your planet. Yet we hear the question from the Collective and the individual, “How may I benefit or contribute to the collective of humanity when my own life is in chaos and I feel as if I have lost my rudder and am helpless in the direction I appear to be going?” To this may we gently remind you that where your thoughts and emotions go so goes your powerful energy. It is beneficial and immensely powerful to gather your powerful energies in the form of joyful intention together with others to See, to Visualize Clearly and to Know the Human Collective as the beings of Light and Love that they truly are. To See this with your higher divine mind, and with your high heart to feel the truth of the Collective-to Know that you and all others are powerful beings of the One-of One Light and One Collective force of Love. In this there is the potential of instantaneous transformation.”

“You ARE the Light Collective. You are here from various galactic heritages, angelic and Light realms. As you perform your work from within the planetary realm and grids, we also join with you as we can combine our energies with yours when you Become and Remember who you are. Remember to invite us as well as your family of Light to amplify the energies of divine love and light throughout the Human Collective, the grids and Gaia. We are your support services!”

“Together, in this state of divine Love imagining and knowing All to be the pure vibration of Love, it cannot be that you yourself as an individual fractal of the One, so integral to the shift of this planet are not transformed by the intention of shifting the Collective and Gaia to the Oneness, your Home, unity consciousness and the sovereign freedom to have bliss, eternal connection and your divine creative abilities come online (so to speak). To join with one another in Unity consciousness (the state in which we reside as the energy of One) is yourselves Being the state which you are becoming as a Collective. As you set your intention and focus your love, seeing the Human Collective as it truly is-You become who you truly are. Join together awakened ones and remember the power of Unity as you feel called. We are You and You are Us. Within the energies of this Fall Equinox, Fall into Unity with us, your loving family and with your human and planetary collective. We have greatly enjoyed this connection with you. We are eternally connected with you as you are with each light emissary upon your planet. As you heal yourselves, you heal the Collective. As you focus your intention to heal the Collective, You are healed. We are One. In service to the One, we also join with you as you set your intentions on the transformation of the Self and the Collective.”

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