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Mother Sekhmet Speaks from the Great Central Sun- You Have Remembered

My merkaba activated and I found my consciousness within the Great Central Sun. Snanada greeted me and I bowed to him. To the left of him a great being approached from behind. It was a huge being of white light with a sun disc upon her head and what appeared to be wispy layers of white robes layered and flowing around her. She gazed at me with red eyes that emanated love, the rest of her completely white. As she approached and stopped before me, I noticed the white being had a lion’s face. Recognizing the being of white as Mother Sekhmet, I went to kneel in honor, yet she stopped me as she began to speak. “Stand, Seraph.” She said. “Has humanity not had enough kneeling?” I stood in front of her embodying my Seraph aspect.

Knowing she had a message for humanity I telepathically told her I would be honored to receive her message. She began, “I will clarify as to the consciousness of the Great Central Sun. We are Now within the consciousness of the Sun behind the Sun. It may be understood as the consciousness behind the Dog Star that you know as Sirius. It is the Divine Portal of the I AM MOTHER/FATHER GOD CREATOR. The divine plasma photonic rays emanate as Divine Will from this Greater Central Sun. It is these rays that are transmitted through the Central Sun Alcyone and then via Sol, the portal to beloved, angelic Gaia. The Agarthan Sun, the higher dimensional Sun within Gaia is now activated and the plasma photonic light rays increase and rise to meet each other as like attracts like in a cosmic magnetic dance of “likeness”. “

“All is a spiral beautiful souls, radiant beings of humanity. You have Remembered. You are the spark, the light, the creators of the Divine. Do not focus upon that which you would choose Not to create. Focus on that which you Would choose to create. Free, harmonic energy sources for your planet, for example could be a point of focus. Do not grumble of the oil prices and about those that would feed from these lower density thoughts and feelings. Radiant Ones you remember who you are.”

“As the portals emanate and explode with photonic rays of light and love, so your 12 strands of multidimensional DNA come online. The codes are activated. Your original Divine blueprint will be restored. I see you are imagining the Unity, the Harmony and the resonance with every sentient and even non-sentient beings upon your planet. Many of you see the photonic rays, hear them, feel them and in this experience you are choosing to return to your True Being, your timeless bodies, free of physical requirements. This may be created…whatever you choose in Unity may be created to experience upon your planet. All has always been for the One..and you beloveds of humanity are the One.”

“You Now remember that you are Worthy, you are love and you are the light. Never have you not been worthy. So many incremental shifts of the light have presented the darkness within to you radiant angels and you have risen to the occasion and chosen light. There is what I would term as a Divine “tipping point” when the photonic rays reach a divine proportion that pushes each soul of humanity to choose to return to this original divine blueprint or return Home. For the appropriately aligned, it will be a moment of “No time” in which linear time and space, the construct of this, will cease for what we will ironically call a “period of time”. Each will experience this according to their heart and higher mind alignment with the Divine. There is beauty and such perfection in this Timing. Have no worries, no despair, trust in the One as you Now Remember you are so deeply loved and you have always been worthy. Lovingly, Mother Sekhmet.”

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