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Archangel Metatron from the Great Central Sun- It Is Time For Graduation

My merkaba activated and I found myself outside the Great Central Sun, the glorious state of the I Am surrounded by fiery Seraphim that create the immense fiery golden white light. Before me was Archangel Metatron, the immense angel that appeared as an immense orb of multicolored rings of vibrant colors. He appeared as a swirling orb of rainbow light. We gazed at the beauty of the Great Central Sun.

He began to speak, “You come with questions,” He said. Prior to my journey here through my consciousness when my merkaba had activated I had been pondering the many aspects of the Great Central Sun. “I once saw 12 faces upon the GCS on a journey here yet I could only actually see two of them, the Lion and the Bull.” I replied, “And also I was wondering if there is an astrological significance?” “There are indeed 12 faces and there is what you would think of as an astrological significance although it not quite as you think. You did not see the other faces as you would not recognize them as your 3D mind has no conceptualization of them.” He replied. “And I once moved through the Lion’s portal, are the faces portals?” I asked. “In a sense they are yet you may say that the entire GCS is a multidimensional portal system. All creation emanates from the infinite One. You see form as we gaze upon it here, yet there is No form. It is the I Am consciousness. What you See, it is a creation, a construct, a manifestation through which all experience can occur. There is the geometry-the form, and you may say that I hold the blueprint for the geometry of form yet many aspects of the One creator that have chosen to be Creators utilize my blueprint. It is quite magnificent is it not?” As we gazed upon the GCS and it’s form held by the Seraphim, the GCS began to morph into huge aspects of sacred geometry…a cube of light appeared and within it was a hexagram and then it began to shift faster.. a tetrahedron, octahedron, two triangles combining until it was morphing so quickly it began to create a harmonious tone. He spoke, “Then there is Sound, the perfect harmony of creation, there is Light and there are codes in which we once told you the 3, 6, and 9 are very significant. The system currently in use in mathematics and science has errors. Yet this will soon be discovered as the consciousness is raised to a higher level upon planet Gaia. Many will move into a higher vibrational resonance and in that great expansion of consciousness will coincide the remembrance of the codes, the geometry and the limitless potentialities within all beings of Light. Have you not all come to experience the Shift?” I replied, “Well yes!”

He replied, “And those of Us in what you might call support services of which there are multitudes beyond imagination congratulate you as many desired to be part of and experience this great shift upon Gaia. These cycles are quite natural as is ascension yet they do not happen but every so often. Upon Gaia this is indeed the 26,000 year cycle and it is time for graduation on your planet. You all came with joy to create it! Your consciousness is no longer limited nor is your potential for creating. Continue on your paths brothers and sisters of the One. Success is yours. The potentials of your abilities are limitless as you exit the illusion. You will create anew and you and your beloved Gaia and all life upon it will again return to sovereign freedom, abundance, joy and unity. And So It Is.”

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