Journey to Gentle New Earth with Pleiadian Astaria

May 22, 2017


My merkaba activated and my awareness shifted to my Pleiadian self


Astaria. She grabbed my hand and I found that we were standing somewhere


looking at a circular tower that reminded me of something out of the Jetsons.


The circular structure had circular rings, perhaps three that jutted out from


the structure. Atop the structure was a large antenna that extended quite far


into the sky. While trying to ascertain where we were, I noticed that there


were spacecraft of different shapes and sizes sitting outside the structure in


what looked like a circular parking area that extended outward in a circle


around the structure. There was a wonderful feeling of safety, calm and


serenity here. As I turned to look at the trees and flowers around me, I


instantly knew we were on Gaia. “This is an airport?” I asked Astaria. She


nodded her head. “Yes, it is an airport as you would call it. Visitors to Gaia


arrive here and the antenna you see is a type of beacon that guides some of


them here.” I took a moment to experience the sense of tranquility here. I


knew this was 5 th dimensional Gaia.



We took a few steps, or rather we glided to a comfortable bench close by


that seemed to instantly conform to our forms. I looked ahead of us where


there was a field of white flowers that felt comforting although they were


nothing I’ve ever seen on Gaia. A few steps away from us lay a crystal clear


pond of water that reflected the trees, flowers and sky. I saw the reflection of


purple lilacs and looked to my left to where there appeared a large, lilac


bush. “I love lilacs!” I said out loud. “Yes you do and you created this,” she


answered. “What do mean please?” I asked. “Look at yourself”, she replied.


I looked down at myself, intuitively felt myself and leaned far over to


observe my face’s reflection in the still water of the pond. I felt fluid and


light. I wore a long white garment that draped over one shoulder and tied


into a loose knot in the middle. It barey felt heavy enough to be clothing. My


hair was long and more white than blonde with a slight wave in it. Next to


me, leaning against the bench was a white staff with a reddish, burgundy


colored orb atop of it. I had met this aspect of me on Gaia before on one of


my journeys with my Seraphim self. “But we are on 5 th dimensional Gaia


aren’t we?” I asked. I did not know why this seventh dimensional aspect of


me that I had met previously was in this dimension. “Again,” Astaria spoke,


there is no time, yet in your perception, we have moved into this timeline to


join this aspect of you having this experience. In this moment of No Time


we have joined the 5 th dimensional Gaia experience in which you have


created a vista for yourself that is part Pleiadian and part Gaian.” As she


focused her attention on the lilac trees, the flowers turned from purple to


blue and orange. “Do the trees mind that we have changed them?” I asked. I


felt concerned for the trees. “You temporarily created that vista, the lilac tree


did not exist before you manifested it.”



Astaria stood and we began to glide down a pathway through a wooded area.


Trying to take everything in, I wondered at the ethereal light illuminating


everything. There were no shadows and the light seemed to have no specific


origin. I looked up at the sky and watched soft pastel colors flicker gently


like a soft, calm aurora borealis undulating in the sky. There did not appear


to be nor did I sense a sun above. As I turned my attention to the trees that


we passed, I could feel the life and unique vibration of each of them and


then understood what she had been telling me about the lilacs. The trees that


“lived” here had a life and vibration of their own. I knew I could talk to them


if I desired to. We passed an intersecting path that crossed the one that we


were on and as I looked to my left and right I saw other beings that had form


yet appeared white as light and were dressed in attire that seemed to span the


ages past upon Gaia. There was a man in a monk’s robe, a woman that


appeared to be dressed as a Geisha and two men in Grecian togas. I giggled


and said to Astaria, “They are having fun with their garments!” She smiled


and nodded. As we passed the intersection of the walkway, a red fox walked


out from behind a tree to pass in front of us. He greeted me not in words but


telepathically. “Hello sister…greetings”, he said. “Greetings to you,” I


answered, “Are you enjoying yourself?” “I am, I am,” he replied. “I am just


looking for a spot of sun to nap in.” As we continued walking, I wondered


what sun he was referring to, as I was quite sure there wasn’t one and


quickly came to the conclusion that he would create one for his nap. I looked


to the sky again, just to double check, yet there was still the pastel colors and


surreal lovely light that illuminated all.



“Astaria”, I asked, “Why couldn’t I just think myself to the Pleiades if I


wanted to go home. Why create a vista for myself?” “You could,” she


replied. “You can create whatever is proper and timely, as can all. Yet in this


now, you are serving here. You are assisting those that aspire to the next


octave, those that continue to raise their vibration.” As she finished her


sentence, we came upon a large domed building that seemed to me to be


constructed of a shiny white marble. We walked to the large arched entrance


and stood in the doorway. Inside was a large circular amphitheater with


many rows of ascending seating. As I looked to the center platform, the


speaker changed into various forms. For a moment it had a human form,


then a Mayan looking man, then a large being resembling a large caterpillar,


then an angelic form. Before I could ask, Astaria replied, “This is a place of


learning and beings from the multiverse visit here to learn and teach a


multitude of subjects. Your staff designates the area and octave you are


teaching within. Each is drawn to learn what they love and are a vibrational


match to. Art, engineering, geometry, the learning is what you would


identify with as a “download” and is much more rapid and efficient than the


form known in the 3 rd dimension. There is no limit to the potential of any


being. Those that visit can identify that which you teach by your staff and


some by their vibrational match to you. One wouldn’t want to attend an


advanced physics class when they are first mastering geometry. There would


be no point and no joy in that. We turned to leave the arch entrance and


opposite the domed building stood a huge crystal pyramid. I stopped and


stared at it. It seemed to me the most remarkable thing I had seen on this


journey. “The wisdom and knowledge of Gaia as well as the history of the


solar system and this galaxy is held within the crystals of Gaia,” Astaria


said. “As I said, the potential of each being is infinite and all are welcome to


learn and expand their consciousness as appropriate here.” “Beautiful!” I


replied. “Yes, it is.”

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