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Great Goddess Isis from the Great Central Sun. There Is No Fear.

My merkaba spun and I found myself entering the Great Central Sun. Upon arrival through the portal to within the Great Central Sun I beheld before me Sananda and Isis. After brief greetings Isis began to speak. “The divine feminine is the stillness within, it is the great void, the eternal love of Mother God. The divine feminine has been lost in this timeline on Gaia. All divine creation begins within the womb, the sacred womb within yourself. This applies for both males and females. This stillpoint is within, within you between the heart and high heart. This is where the Atma burns away all that is not of the divine as well as all illusion. The Atma within is where you return home to the perfect stillness of the soul. Within this sacred space of the still heart is the unconditional and all encompassing love of the Divine Mother. All creation is conceived and gestated from this sacred womb. The Atma and your divine mind of God are eternal, they work as one, the inseparable Heart and Mind of God. You see this symbolized in my Ankh as well as in the symbol of the cross. Mother God and Father God and the divine child that is you.”

“Miscreation or creation not in alignment with the One Creator has occurred as these two inseparable aspects have been separated. The Divine Mother returns and is within all of you. Begin to enter the heart, the heart of the divine feminine, the stillness, the space of eternal love. Within this stillness, the beauty and love of creation begins and the vision then becomes clear. When the vision of the heart is complete, action is taken and the vision is manifest by the divine masculine. Here, your will is in alignment with the perfection of the will of the One Creator. All that is created from this sacred union is divinely inspired. Action now predominantly occurs from the mind, without the divine feminine. There is action from the mind that is separated from the sacred heart. The Great Mother that creates in the highest love and good for all has been lost. As this is aligned within yourself, creation and manifestation benefits all. All is loved, nurtured and embraced by the divine feminine. In this perfect balance and alignment there is only love. Darkness, poverty, illness, suffering and sacrifice do not exist. This is creation from the disempowered feminine within. Creation solely from the mind without the sacred heart, the stillness of love within the womb of the divine feminine creates an unbalanced mental, emotional and etheric body. The whole self and thus your whole society you see outside of yourself is greatly unbalanced.”

“Go within the heart, the stillness and the loving womb of the Great Mother. Reclaim the truth and love that is your divine birthright. The empowered feminine finds that the heart is full, it cares for the physical body as a temple. The inner self, the heart is filled first and foremost and then that fullness of heart overflows onto all those who are in your presence. An empty cup cannot quench anyone’s thirst. Emptiness is the absence of love. The perfection of the balance of love in creation is the cornerstone of creation. What is within you is the entire universe itself. Look within. Look outward and you gaze upon the illusion. Watch your television and your news and even your social media and you will see the illusion of fear. There is no fear. Those that choose resistance to love and truth insert increasing fear into the matrix in hopes that you will be pulled into that lower vibration. It is only an illusion, a hologram projected for you should you choose to let it into your reality. The consciousness on Goddess Gaia as well as beloved Gaia herself has chosen to now leave the illusion of separation. All that choose love and oneness will transform this experience and finish it.”

“There are injustices that you will perceive in this timeline within the apparent chaos that may move you to desire to speak your truth, for yourself and perhaps with others of likeminded perceptions. In this may be seen divine action if you are moved by the heart of the divine feminine to stand for and speak of that which you envision. Stand together with peace within yourself. Stand in empowered love and with the light of eternal love within your heart. Do not stand in hatred, anger or fear. Have no hatred for the other that does not share your visions as the other is You still slumbering within the illusion. Rejoice that you have awakened to the full glory of the love and divine truth that you are. Speak of your beautiful visions for your countries and for your world, for all of humanity. Speak of unity, peace, health and prosperity for all sentient beings. Hold this vision with the belief and knowledge that this will be. In this stance, you create a force of love and magic that transforms and awakens others from their slumber to join you. Place a lotus flower as a symbol of my love at the feet of those that attempt to suppress your eternal divine light. It cannot be done.”

“There is no fear. It is only an illusion. There is no hostile alien invasion as those that resist the Great Mother’s love may insert into the illusion before you. Goddess Gaia and each lighbeing upon her are being divinely protected by the Divine Mother and all those that serve her. Beings of pure light, legions of angels and your galactic family have always and especially during the great transition watch over and protect you. There will be no next war and much of the shifts and upheavals upon Gaia as she transforms have been tempered by these great beings that protect you. Go within your hearts, go and rest in the stillness of the Divine Mother and expand the soul star that you are. A star of stillness, perfect balance and love. The Great Mother is within you and waits for you. As the perfect balance of love is found within it will be manifest without. And so it is. With great love to all.”

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