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Reuniting with Ashtar on the Athena Starship

My Merkakba activated and I found my walking through the waiting area of the Athena Starship. Sometimes I enter through the waiting area and observe a large seating area to the left. In this seating area I observe the astral bodies of humans that seem to be having experiences on the ship. As I entered the corridor that leads past the windows on the left I saw my Pleidian self, Astaria. We became one and I continued down the corridor. A very tall male appeared in front of me and knelt on one knee. He reached out with his hand to take mine in his and kissed my hand with gentlemanly honor and respect. He greeted me, “Commander Astaria,” he spoke as he kissed my hand. A powerful energy of unconditional love passed between us. Describing this exchange of love is difficult to put to words as it felt unearthly and transcendent. As I gazed down at this male I instantly recalled our ancient connection and I nodded in deep appreciation to his love and light that emanated so strongly from his being. “Ashtar,” I nodded to him in acknowledgment and felt a great joy in seeing him.

After our greeting I continued down the corridor and entered a main room where there is a circular table covered with what appears to be plasma light. There is an opening in the circle and I walked to the center that is surrounded by this very large table. Many galactics and light beings sat around this table on all sides of me. I bent both elbows and raised my forearms, palms up to them. Information began to be transferred to me from those at the table. “The time is Now for the DNA activation. The higher selves of the grounded ones have accepted this activation. This upgrade may be consciously accepted by the grounded ones as the conscious acceptance can alleviate any resistance on part of the physical body. The upgrade may cause physical symptoms such as headaches, back pain, feelings of exhaustion and various other bodily symptoms. An intention and visualization can be used in a meditative state. Even once is sufficient. It can be stated, “I accept the activation of my twelve DNA. I joyfully accept the being the prototype of the new human on Earth.” The Merkaba in my mind began to spin rapidly and 10 strands of spirals began to wrap around it. The spirals spun off bright sparks of a pinkish red, yellow and blue as they spun around my Merkaba. The spirals threw off tiny sparkles of light that entered my brain, moved down my spinal cord, out through the nerve plexuses into the muscles and bone.

The council spoke again. “We ask that our grounded selves take very good care of the physical body and listen to the needs of the body at this time. Do what feels good. Remember to call on us and ask for help if needed. We will always come when asked.”

I nodded and replied that this message will be spread throughout the starships.

I began to leave the circle and joined Ashtar and two other Pleidians to begin to bring this joyous new information to the other starships.

As a postscript I was asked by a fellow Pleidian why I was called “Commander” by Ashtar as I am not a starship commander. It is my understanding that this term would be similar to “comrade” and is a term used in greeting with honor and respect another galactic friend.

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