Exiting the Matrix


April 8, 2016

How do I recognize incoming higher dimensional messages? Spirit will put a thought in my head and I hear it. They will speak to me before falling asleep. I will dream of it. One morning I woke up and remembered I was on the starship monitoring and working with the navigation panels. My crown chakra tingles and I feel Light Beings near me. The best way for me to get information is to take a bath. When I feel called to, and I've done this for many years, I take a bath with epsom salt and apple cider vinegar. I call in my guides (multidimensional selves, my Pleidian self, Arcturian self, Draconian self, Zeta self,  Lemurian self etc and my twin flame Pleidian self on the starship), my Higher Self, and any other higher beings or mas...

March 4, 2016

Remembering my Pleidian self brought to me a sense of comfort, peace and freedom that I had never truly felt. I spent my meditations getting to know her and reconnecting with her. I came to realize that my Merkaba was a light vehicle that allowed me to travel in my consciousness to the Athena starship with relative ease. During this wonderful period of awakening I was attending Sue Lie’s advanced Arcturian lecture series online. I so resonated with the Arcturians and I delighted at being in their energy. During the first online webinar, I realized when the Arcturians began taking us through an exercise that I knew what we were going to do before we did it as I had experienced the same thing in my meditation the previous evening....

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