Exiting the Matrix


September 22, 2016

Happy Fall Equinox fellow Lightbeings and Masters! it became known to me yesterday that Gaia was requesting that she be the focus of energies of love and transcendence today on the Equinox. I asked higher self how I could be of service and HS suggested to take the day off and utilize the cosmic energies available today. I would like to share with you my interdimensional journey of the Equinox.
This was one of our last beautiful indian suumer days in New England so I took the opportunity to lounge on Gaia outside in the warmth of the sun. i set my intention to bring Gaia the love she was requesting. I began to have the sense of a snake which at first startled me as I didn't relish the thought of one crawling over me. The vision q...

February 27, 2016

For as many years as I can remember, prior to meditating I would call in my spirit guides and highest self to guide me and be present with me. I would “sense” when they were all present and then begin my meditation. I recall several years back being at a group meditation and we were all asked to visualize our spirit guides in a sacred place with us and we would be looking at them. During this exercise, as I viewed all my spirit guides, I noticed they were all extraterrestrial looking except the blonde in the silver skinsuit that I have seen since I was a child. I always assumed this was normal since I’ve always seen her this way. But to see the others and observe that they did not look human at all was a revelation. I had no ide...

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