Exiting the Matrix


September 30, 2016

Greetings from the Athena Starship! For those who aren't familiar with me , as part of my mission it was requested that i bring information as it it given form the Great Central Sun in the center of this galaxy and the Athena Starship where my Pleidian and Arcturian selves reside. My journey last evening brought me to the starship. I greeted my Pleidian self, Astaria and found myself as one with her standing in the center of a very large table that is the shape of a donut. A council of 12 sat at the outer edges of the table, a galactic council of many star nations. Information began to flow from one to another . As my Pleidian self and I stood in the center I began to expand with golden light. The edges of my Pleidian self began...

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