Exiting the Matrix


November 25, 2016

Greetings from the Athena Starship

Last evening before bed I intended a short meditation to center myself. Sananda, Ashtar and AA Michael came into my awareness and we were off to the starship. We went to what appeared a very dark room and a large portal opened where we could view Gaia in all her beauty. i looked at Gaia and observed the beautiful grid of light that looks to me like the flower of life but also appears to have many multidimensional layers. Sananda spoke, “look at the grounded ones that have embodies their angelic selves, their Creator selves”. I looked and saw some clusters of rainbows of light extending out. “This is a divine plan, that those that have angelic multidimensional aspects join with them on Gaia." "N...

April 25, 2016

My beloved galactic family, I will share the interesting events of today with you. I thought it would be an uneventful day but not so. I was at the hairdresser and Johanna IM'd me on FB. She said she channeled a strange song while Ashtar was there with her., giving her this song. It was unlike any song that had previously come through for her. When it was done she asked him what to do with it. She said an image of my picture on FB came to mind and that Ashtar told her I’d know what to do with it. I told her that I’d listen to it as soon as I got home from errands. Johanna brings through such beautiful and touching songs from spirit. So I'm sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store in my car finishing my coffee and I see a...

February 27, 2016

For as many years as I can remember, prior to meditating I would call in my spirit guides and highest self to guide me and be present with me. I would “sense” when they were all present and then begin my meditation. I recall several years back being at a group meditation and we were all asked to visualize our spirit guides in a sacred place with us and we would be looking at them. During this exercise, as I viewed all my spirit guides, I noticed they were all extraterrestrial looking except the blonde in the silver skinsuit that I have seen since I was a child. I always assumed this was normal since I’ve always seen her this way. But to see the others and observe that they did not look human at all was a revelation. I had no ide...

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